Student Organizations

general-tile-21SCC (Student Coordinating Council)

The Student Coordinating Council seeks to promote a sense of community among the members of the Columbia Theological Seminary family. By word and deed, SCC seeks to encourage the seminary community to assume its Christ-called servant role in this community and in the world. In that spirit, the SCC represents and advocates on behalf of the student body and their families: celebrating the cultural, ethnic, physical, gender, denominational, spiritual, and intellectual diversity in our midst.

AHSA (African Heritage Seminarians Association)

The African Heritage Seminarian Association is an organization to identify and voice the unique concerns of students of African heritage at CTS by creating an environment that nurtures their spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical needs. Our mission: to articulate relevant issues which confront seminarians of African heritage, provide academic support and encouragement to facilitate degree completion, enhance CTS efforts to accomplish its goal of increasing racial ethnic diversity.

ASA (Asian Student Association)

The purpose of ASA is to promote academic interest in not only the Asian student but also CTS scholar community, to provide an opportunity for CTS to understand Asian culture, and to encourage fellowship among students and scholar members. ASA hosts various social events to enhance networking opportunities among all programs within CTS. ASA also tries to help exchange students, incoming students, and visiting scholars from Asia to be familiar with the CTS community.

Claiming Justice

Claiming Justice is a group of the Student Coordinating Council that seeks to serve students by providing opportunities to consider and articulate the theological relationship between faith and justice by raising awareness through education, the facilitation of experiential opportunities to stand against injustice and creating space for open dialogue.

ESA (Evangelical Student Association)

Our purpose: The Evangelical Student Association exists for those whose concerns and interests relate to the proclamation of the good news of Jesus Christ in word and deed and to the command to make disciples of all peoples around the world. We meet approximately once a month for lunch to fellowship and discuss our interests.

FTD (Fellowship for Theological Discourse)

Fellowship for Theological Discourse seeks to take what we are learning in the classroom and discuss how we ought to apply it to issues, concerns and events facing church leaders, congregations, and the world today. We have specified topics to prompt discussion each week, so feel free to join any time! We welcome students, family members and friends to join us at The Marlay at 4:00pm on Friday afternoons (meet in front of NRH at 3:45pm to carpool) with snacks and non-alcoholic beverages on us!

Imago Dei

Imago Dei is a gay-straight alliance organization at CTS that promotes and supports the welfare of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people and their friends in the seminary, the church catholic, and the community at large.


The Outreach committee uses its yearly budget to participate in local mission/outreach opportunities such as Our House: A Childcare and Support Center for Homeless Families, First Presbyterian Church Women’s Transitional Center, and Central Presbyterian Outreach and Advocacy Center.

SAGE (Shaping Attention to God’s Earth)

The purpose of Sustaining Attention to God’s Earth (hereafter SAGE) is to help Columbia Theological Seminary move toward becoming a more environmentally sustainable community. SAGE does this through advocating for environmentally sustainable practices throughout the seminary, serving as a resource for the community, offering educational opportunities, partnering with other organizations on and off campus, and promoting practices that link sustainable living to worship.

SOS (Spouses of Seminarians)

SOS was established to affirm the unique ministry of ministerial spouses with an attitude of praise, in worship and fellowship, acknowledging the diversity of God’s gifts in a spirit of power, love, and self-discipline. The organization’s intention is to provide a forum for discussion, and creative resolution of issues and concerns as expressed in the physical, cultural, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual needs of its members and the larger seminary family.

SPACE (Sanctuary for Prayer, Art and Creative Expression)

What: A place in which members of the CTS community can explore spirituality in some of its many forms. Events during the year will include workshops, prayer and meditation stations, and an exhibit featuring contributions from the CTS community.

Why: Featuring room and supplies for prayer and meditation, visual art, and other forms of creative expression, the SPACE offers an opportunity to further engage in your existing spiritual practices and to get to know some new ones.

When: Open 24/7 for individual use, in addition to occasional scheduled workshops and other events.


“two” is a student led platform to provide monthly social gatherings for Columbia’s community. Join us! Where 2 or more are gathered, God is there.

WIM (Women in Ministry)

Even though all women at CTS are part of WIM, the organization is open to the entire student body for participation. WIM strives to uphold and support women who are looking forward to a life of service to God. WIM believes that all people are created in the image of God and because of this, women have the same rights as our male counterparts in the leadership of God’s church. WIM provides ministry opportunities, mentorship and support for leadership development for its participants and the CTS community at large.