Defecting in Place

Defecting in Place

Defecting in place isn’t about behaving in a passive/aggressive manner to get the point of your unhappiness across. It is about being clear about who you are, what your goals are, stating your purpose, and staying on course in living out that purpose, no matter what the sabotage or resistance that comes your way.

Faith and Politics: When Preaching Gets to Meddling

March 10, 2016—Today a friend made an off-hand comment that went something like, “Andrew is one of the most political pastors I know.” He didn’t mean it negatively. It was just an off-hand comment in a conversation about non-profit work….

Preaching that Makes Faith Leap

February 25, 2016—No matter one’s gender, age, race, religion, ethnicity, economic, educational or social status they are not immune to the “troubles of this world.” 2015 was a difficult year for many. On a national level we were made aware…

A Testimony for Testimony

October 29, 2015—I first noticed that something was really wrong during the passing of the peace. I was sitting two seats down from the candidate for ordination at his service of ordination, but he did not return to his seat…

Preaching the People’s Lectionary

July 16, 2015—I am part of several online groups for clergy—some specifically for supporting women in ministry (, some for young clergy women (, some for people who use the Narrative Lectionary, etc. These groups have been a…

Preach This, Tweet That (Part II): The iHomiletic™ How-to Guide

By Dominique A. Robinson, NextGen Pastor at Shaw Temple AME Zion Church.

April 23, 2015—As mentioned in Preach This, Tweet That (Part I), Black Millennials find themselves in a peculiar socio-cultural predicament that renders them spiritually disjointed. Black…

Preach This, Tweet That (Part I): What Black Millennials are Looking for from the Preacher

By Dominique A. Robinson, NextGen Pastor at Shaw Temple AME Zion Church.

April 16, 2015—Preaching has always been a lively communal dialogue between the preacher, God and the congregants within the Black Church tradition; however, technology and social media have…

Communal Worship with Seasonal Structure

By Teri Peterson, MDiv ’05.

February 5, 2015 — Communal worship may be one of my favorite things. I love to plan it, I love to lead it, I love to coach others as they plan and lead. And there’s just…

Resources for 21st Century Lifelong Learners

By Sarah F. Erickson, Director for Lifelong Learning.

November 13, 2014—Thanks to the web, there’s a vast array of resources out there. Assessing how and what to use is a challenge. How do you curate your lists of resources…