Moving Into a More Active Spiritual Life: the Spirituality Program

Moving Into a More Active Spiritual Life: the Spirituality Program

February 15, 2018—When we say “spiritual formation,” what are we talking about?

For over 20 years, the Spirituality Program has been an active and vibrant part of Columbia Theological Seminary and The Center for Lifelong Learning. But what is it?…

“My life is not this steep hour in which you see me hurrying so.”

January 11, 2018—Many of us could claim these lines, taken from one of Rainer Maria Rilke’s poems, as a true confession.  We live hurried lives, caught in the pressures of a culture—a “hurried society,” as it were—that seems addicted to…

A Grand and Unusual Invitation!

November 2, 2017—An Immersion Experience: An Invitation to a Deeper Spiritual Life. What a grand and unusual invitation. In this fast-paced, busy world we live in, we are inviting you to pause for a long weekend . . . to…

apple ripens in the sun

It’s All Part of the Pilgrimage

“It’s All Part of the Pilgrimage. . .”

This is the phrase we were encouraged to repeat to ourselves as we set out for the Holy Land in the early spring of 2014. There were twenty-seven of us from all…

Meet Ally

By Ally Markotich, Spirituality Program participant.

June 1, 2017—I’ve enjoyed ‘routine’ for as long as I remember. I wake early in order not to miss too much of any given day. Three meals are not an option. The rhythm of…

Meet-ally as new terminology during a Spiritual Formation class adventure

Celebrate World Labyrinth Day with the Spirituality Program

April 20, 2017—Saturday, May 6, 2017 is World Labyrinth Day. We’ll add our steps for peace to those of others around the world. The Spirituality Program and The Labyrinth Society invite you to “Walk as One at 1” in the afternoon,…

Spirituality Program Participants Share: “What Brought You Here?”

April 13, 2017—What brought you here?

“One of the great spiritual longings of modern times is the longing for ‘depth.’ Some might call this a search for meaning or a desire for connection. But I think the longing for depth…

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something You

By Paul Lang, Spirituality Course Leader

In the fall of 1999 I encountered the Liturgy of the Hours for the first time. I arrived at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, Georgia weary after a long drive and…

Nourishing Your Spiritual Life

By Debra Weir, Associate Director, Spirituality and Lifelong Learning at Columbia Theological Seminary.

February 23, 2017—Greetings from Montreat Conference Center! This week I’m with the Certificate in Spiritual Formation class, Illuminating the Text, led by Ann Laird Jones. It…

Can’t Get Enough of Howard Thurman

by Lerita Coleman Brown, Spirituality Program Leader

February 2, 2017—I think I have Howard Thurmanitis. Yes, I have previously posted about him and I made up that name. But after giving two workshops on his writings in the span…

Can't get enough of Howard Thurman

God’s Beating Heart

By Monica Hix, Spirituality Program participant

As the oldest of four children and a type-A person, I have lived a life of doing and accomplishing. I learned early on that it was the path to gaining affirmation and strokes from those…

God's beating heart through Centering Prayer

Blogging as a Spiritual Practice

By Michael Moore, pastor of Presbyterian Community Church of the Rockies

I have been blogging now for about four years now. As I looked back in the archives of my current blog, I was interested to note some changes in…

Blogging as a spiritual practice by Michael Moore