Moving Prayer

Moving Prayer

By Kathryn Sparks, Adjunct Faculty of Liturgical Dance, Wesley Theological Seminary.

July 20, 2017—Praying through bodily movement is an ancient form of communication with God and is practiced by people of every faith expression in the world. Indeed, prayer offered through…

The Useful and the Beautiful

By Israel Galindo Associate Dean for Lifelong Learning and Director of Online Education.

July 17, 2017—One of the courses I most enjoy teaching is on educational philosophy. It’s a course that is always interesting and one I think, when…

Beth Waltemath

Keeping Sabbath With My Confirmation Class

By Keith Anderson, author of The Digital Cathedral: Networked Ministry in a Wireless World

We are learning about the Ten Commandments in our Confirmation class this fall, and most recently the Third Commandment: “Remember the Sabbath and Keep It Holy”…

New Associate Dean for Worship Life Appointed at Columbia Seminary

Columbia Theological Seminary President Leanne Van Dyk announced earlier this year the creation of a new position, Associate Dean for Worship Life. “We are committed to forming our students as leaders in worshipping communities,” said Dr. Van Dyk. “After all,…

Saturday Night Service and Sunday Sabbath

By Marci Glass, MDiv ’08

A few years ago, our congregation changed our monthly worship “rhythm.” Once a month, we worship Saturday at 5 pm and then take the next Sunday as an intentional day of Sabbath rest.

On the…

Charge to the Graduates of 2016

Charge to the Graduates, May 14, 2016 By Leanne Van Dyk, President

It is the long tradition of Columbia Theological Seminary for the president to send out the class of graduates with a series of charges from the words of…

Same Old Tune, Same New Song

By Stephen Fearing, MDiv  and MAPT ’14

The word “liturgy” means “the work of the people.” One of the most important works that we do in our worship is join together in song to give glory to God. However, many…

Breaking Boundaries

By Carrie Weatherford, MDiv ’16, Director of Children and Family Ministries at Roswell Presbyterian Church

The spirit of the Lord shall rest on him,     the spirit of wisdom and understanding,     the spirit of counsel and might,     the spirit of knowledge and the fear of…

When a Hurting World Comes to a Table of Broken Pieces

By Khalia Williams, Adjunct Professor of Worship

As I prepared for worship this past World Communion Sunday, I did so with a torn feeling. How does one prepare to celebrate a day of unity and ecumenical cooperation across diverse denominations…

About That Time My Child Very Nearly Lit the Church on Fire

By Karen Ware Jackson, MDiv ’08.

October 8, 2015—“Mommy, can I get some candy?”

“Yes,” I replied, undaunted in my attempt to preach the Word. My almost four year-old daughter had recently discovered two things: 1) There is a bowl…

For the Bookshelf: The Apathetic and Bored Church Member

By Israel Galindo, Associate Dean for Lifelong Learning

Just about every year one of our doctoral students approaches me wanting to do a study on why church members leave their congregation. About half the time the motivation behind the…

For the bookshelf seeds for the future by Adam Tyler

Just Try a Few Things

By Sarai Rice, Congregational Consulting Group

These are tough times for mature congregations. You know the ones I mean– congregations with “parlors” and pipe organs and portrait galleries of past ministers (and carpets that can’t be spilled on and furniture…

For the Bookshelf: Living on the Border of the Holy

By Israel Galindo, Associate Dean for Lifelong Learning and Director of Online Education.

June 15, 2015—Two recent conversations related to the function of priesthood reminded me of the perennial nature of the ordained vs. laity polarity that exists in…

Liturgical Gimmicks (or why you maybe should not wear red on Pentecost)

By Andy James, Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Whitestone, Queens, NY

May 29, 2015—This past Sunday, as I scrolled across my Facebook and Twitter feeds populated with what could best (and very lovingly) be described as “church geeks.” I…