Five Kinds of People You Will Encounter

Five Kinds of People You Will Encounter

July 31, 2017—It has been my observation that in times of crisis you can count on seeing five kinds of people emerge. Leaders do well to discern the persons in the system that represent each leadership type, and respond appropriately….

Why Change is Hard to Achieve

July 24, 2017—Why is change so hard to achieve? One explanation is the phenomena and power of homeostasis. Whenever a leader attempts to bring about change he or she will most certainly encounter resistance, if not outright sabotage. While we…

Moving Prayer

July 20, 2017—Praying through bodily movement is an ancient form of communication with God and is practiced by people of every faith expression in the world. Indeed, prayer offered through bodily movement or embodied prayer nurtures deep listening and locates…

The Useful and the Beautiful

July 17, 2017—One of the courses I most enjoy teaching is on educational philosophy. It’s a course that is always interesting and one I think, when it connects with students, yields enduring understanding. Recently a former student wrote me to…

Beth Waltemath

Beauty, Variety, and the Presence of God

By Mark Douglas, Professor of Christian Ethics.

Over thirty years ago, cosmologist Thomas Berry wrote,

Because our sense of the divine is so extensively derived from verbal sources, mostly through the biblical Scriptures, we seldom notice how much we…

An Interview With LIM Faculty Member Rebecca Maccini

July 10, 2017—The Center for Lifelong Learning (CLL) offers the Leadership in Ministry (LIM) workshops as part of its Pastoral Excellence Programs. LIM uses Bowen Family Systems Theory (BFST) as a theory of practice for ministry leadership. Rebecca Maccini…

So You Want to Improve Yourself?

July 3, 2017—Every once in a while I get a question like the following from a former student, friend, or colleague seeking to improve themselves:

What steps should I take to increase my own functioning in my life and ministry….