2018 Admissions Progress: By the Numbers… and Infographics

2018 Admissions Progress: By the Numbers… and Infographics

45 students made up the 2018 incoming fall class. Who are they?

They come from 13 different states, with 50% from Georgia. 66% percent are female and 34% male. Seven South Koreans, one student from India and one from Cuba — totaling nine international students — have chosen Columbia as their seminary home.

But let’s look a little deeper.

Here’s the Recruitment Funnel:

CTS ultimately admitted 45 students. Here are how many applied, how many were admitted, and which degree program they were admitted to; and how that breaks down percentage-wise.


Here’s the Racial/Ethnic Breakdown of the Incoming Students:

And What Are Their Ages?



Which Denominations are Represented in the Incoming Group?


Want to know more? Our Admissions Page has more information about upcoming Discover Columbia Days, our admissions process, and, if you’re ready to apply. applications!

If you’d like a pdf of the infographics shown on this page, you can download one here.

Columbia Theological Seminary is “Cultivating faithful leaders for God’s changing world.”  As an educational institution of the Presbyterian Church (USA), Columbia Seminary is a community of theological inquiry and formation for ministry in the service of the Church of Jesus Christ. Columbia offers six graduate degree programs and up to 60 courses and events each year as a resource for church professionals and lay people through The Center for Lifelong Learning (CLL). The Center for Lifelong Learning offers three other certificate programs including training spiritual directors, two scholars programs, and a post-graduate Pastoral Excellence Program that is focused on clergy leadership development. Over 800 persons attended CLL’s programs last year.







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