Ministry and Coaching: An Odd Mix or Needed Addition?

Ministry and Coaching: An Odd Mix or Needed Addition?

This post introduces the idea of how coaching knowledge can be useful in the area of ministry.


In January 2019 Columbia Theological Seminary is launching a coaching training program, The Coaching Institute (TCI@CTS), as part of its commitment to…

15 Most Common Anxiety Triggers in Congregations

August 27, 2018—It’s no secret that congregations experience times of anxiety. Those periods of acute anxiety can be triggered by any number of events, conditions, or situations. Here are the 15 most common anxiety triggers in a congregation (in no…

Where Will God Dwell?

This post reflects thoughts on how Christians can prepare and preserve a fitting, earthly place for God to dwell in and around us.


As I write this, my son has just returned from a college internship in Wrangell-St….

For the Bookshelf: True Christianity

August 20, 2018—Johann Arndt was a German Lutheran theologian, serving some time as a pastor. He lived in the late 16th and early 17th century (1555-1621). He was born to a Lutheran pastor who served as a chaplain to a…

For the bookshelf seeds for the future by Adam Tyler

Jessica Brown: Celtic Christianity and the gift of thresholds

This post on Celtic Christianity originally appeared in Faith & Leadership.


As humans we all encounter times in our lives that the mark the beginning or ending of something, new experiences or times of reflection. In Celtic Christianity,…

“You Had to Be There”: Misadventures in Ministry

August 15, 2018—The Center for Lifelong Learning at Columbia Theological Seminary will start the new academic year with reflections on misadventures in ministry through the eyes of those that know it best—clergy and lay leaders.

So, what’s it like to…

An Interview With Cody Sanders About Ministry With LGBTQIA Youth

August 13, 2018—Rev. Dr. Cody Sanders taught the online course, “Ministry With LGBTQIA Youth” at the Center for Lifelong Learning in October.

He is the pastor of the Old Cambridge Baptist Church, and serves as the American Baptist Chaplain…


Just Worship: The Symbolism Behind Worship for All

This post describes the backstory behind the Just Worship imagery by it’s logo creator, Lauren Wright Pittman.




For me, the heart of Just Worship, a conference catered towards a faithful and vibrant future of worship, is a…

For the Bookshelf: The Labyrinth of the World

August 6, 2018—Born in 1592, John Comenius came from Moravia, within the modern Czech Republic. His life was marked with tragedy. His parents and two of his sisters died in 1604 from the plague. He was subsequently raised by and…

For the bookshelf seeds for the future by Adam Tyler

Online Learning: Convenient, Practical and Timely 

If you haven’t tried online learning for continuing education yet, what’s holding you back?

The Center for Lifelong Learning is offering eight additional online courses between now and the end of May 2019.

The topics are contemporary and classic ranging…