Blooming in the Desert: The Ghost Ranch Pilgrimage Experience

Blooming in the Desert: The Ghost Ranch Pilgrimage Experience

Kathleen Norris writes beautifully about life on the Great Plains in her book, Dakota.

I tucked that book in my carry-on bag as I set out on pilgrimage with a group of companions from Columbia and Pittsburgh Seminaries.

The 2016…

Leadership in Ministry Feature: Bill (William) Pyle

This post is part of a feature series on Leadership in Ministry faculty.


Bowen Family Systems Theory offers a way of thinking that affects every aspect of leadership in ministry.

Workshops are taught by BFST experts and help participants confidently lead their congregations…

Have You Found the Key?

April 15, 2019—I’m the kind that’s wired with a thirst for knowledge and wisdom. As a child one of my favorite books was Proverbs, in the Bible. My dad introduced me to it, extolling the virtues of acquiring wisdom. Seeking…

Education by Israel Galindo

The Ten Commandments: A New Look at an Old View

How many times in life do we take the opportunity to think differently about a topic we think we know enough about (thank you very much!) or about which we have a well-established (and correct) opinion (again, thank you very…

Dr. Mitzi J. Smith Appointed J. Davison Philips Professor of New Testament

April 9, 2019— Dr. Love Sechrest, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty at Columbia Theological Seminary announced that Dr. Mitzi Smith was appointed by the Board as the new J. Davison Philips Professor of New Testament, effective…

Dr. Jeffery Tribble Sr. Appointed Associate Dean for Advanced Professional Studies

April 9, 2019—Dr. Love Sechrest, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty at Columbia Theological Seminary announced the appointment of Associate Professor of Ministry Dr. Jeffery Tribble, Sr. as the new Associate Dean of Advanced Professional Studies, effective…

When the Honeymoon is Over

April 8, 2019—Beginning a ministry at a new church is an exciting experience. New challenges, a fresh start, promising possibilities, new relationships, can all be energizing. For most clergy, the first year at a new church is filled with excitement…

Columbia Seminary Archives Acquires Papers of Emeritus Walter Brueggemann

April 6, 2019—The C. Benton Kline, Jr. Special Collections and Archives is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Walter Brueggemann papers. This collection includes course notes, manuscript drafts, correspondence, and lectures spanning Brueggemann’s career as a theologian and professor….

Why Aren’t Things Changing?

Homeless shelters closing.

Sex-trafficking rises.

Rich-poor gap increases.

Racism is tolerated.

Natural disasters leave a trail of grief.

Senseless killings compound.

Puerto Rico without power.

Kenneka Jenkins found in a freezer.

North Korea testing missiles.

Injustice from political leadership.


What Clergy Don’t Talk About

Most pastors are good preachers, and some fine pulpiteers and wordsmiths. In their preaching and teaching ministry they need to cover a wide range of topics, issues, and subjects, from the Bible to contemporary complex social issues; from marriage to…

How Do Good Educators Become Good?

April 1, 2019—At a gathering of congregational educators the discussion centered on teaching in the church. We discussed the perennial challenges of training church teachers. Those challenges include getting teachers to participate in training events, getting them to see the…

Education by Israel Galindo