On Knowing What You Are Actually Doing

On Knowing What You Are Actually Doing

Many folks who find themselves engaged in the task of congregational education tend to be able to jump right in and keep the programs running. And they do an acceptable, if not admirable, job of keeping things going smoothly. Programs…

Education by Israel Galindo

“We Are Columbia” Continues to Create Dialogue About the Past and Future of Columbia

In the Spring of 2017, a new photo exhibit called “We Are Columbia” featuring photographs by Khayla Johnson (MDiv ’19) was unveiled by The Office of Student Life and Formation. The photographs were located in various areas of the Vernon…

Discerning What’s What: Spirituality, Spirits, and the Holy Spirit

I have long struggled to discern where precisely the Spirit of God is at work—in my own life and in the world around us.

As a practicing Christian of the Reformed Protestant family, an heir of John Calvin (who has…

Helping and Ministering At End-of-Life

I’d always known we were a death-denying culture. I learned that first from the classic work by Ernest Becker, The Denial of Death. I learned it again when I served as a hospice chaplain for six years, prior to…

Worship in the Womb? Exploring when and how children begin learning about faith

When does learning begin?

This is the question posed by Annie Murphy Paul, in her 2011 TED talk titled, What we learn before we’re born.

She posits that we’re actually learning in utero through the…

For the Bookshelf: Introduction to the Devout Life

Born in 1567 into a wealthy family, Francis de Sales received a wonderful education as the oldest of thirteen children.

At age fifteen, his father arranged for him to attend the University of Paris, with the intention that he would…

For the bookshelf seeds for the future by Adam Tyler