Do Not Judge

Do Not Judge

At a conference I experienced that familiar unsettling situation where an audience member asks a question, you do the best you can to respond on your feet in-the-moment, only to later, after the event is over, come up with a…

Spring 2020 Older Adult Ministry Courses Announced

September 26, 2019—The Center for Lifelong Learning (CLL) at Columbia Theological Seminary invites registrations for two upcoming courses in its Older Adult Ministry (OAM) course of study in the winter and spring of 2020.

Theological Reflection and Older Adult Ministry

Older Adult Ministry Certificate Program entering it's third year

Freedom vs. Order: The Evolution Controversy at Columbia Theological Seminary, 1857-1901

September 23, 2019—While touring the Smithsonian Institution’s Exploring Human Origins exhibit featured on the first and second floors of the library, take a moment to visit the reading room to see Freedom vs. Order: The Evolution Controversy at Columbia…

Leaving Well

I have had many conversations with clergy who are contemplating leaving their ministry settings.

It’s not unusual for these consultations to come in waves, and it is always interesting that they do.

It seems that issues, crises, fads, and topics…

Miles for Ministry Supporting Healthy Seminarians-Healthy Church

By Karen Webster, DMin ’16

“Running so others can stay in the race to which God has called them!

Travis and I were raised to believe that movement makes a difference. The church in which I grew up, in San…

Montreat: A Place of Spiritual Awakening

The Montreat Conference Center in Montreat NC serves as a place of spiritual awakening for many of the CLL’s Certificate in Spiritual Formation courses hosted there each year.


This post is a written reflection of participant Martha Jane Petersen’s…

New Walker Presidential Scholarship to Make Seminary an Affordable Reality for PC(USA) Students

At Columbia Theological Seminary, we are committed to providing an accessible, affordable theological education that is both academically rigorous and spiritually transformative. Scholarships are an essential part of this commitment.  Columbia Seminary offers one of the most expansive financial aid…

Use Entry Points to Help Students Get Into the Lesson

How do you help students to get the point you’re trying to teach?

More often than not most of us try the direct approach: “Just tell them!”

But a paradox in learning is that often students do not learn what…

Education by Israel Galindo

Learning is not an outcome of Teaching

The counter-intuitive notion that learning is not an outcome of teaching can be a challenging concept.

This is natural, for several reasons.

First, due to our experiences, we tend naturally to associate teaching with learning.

Second, despite the logical connection…

Education by Israel Galindo

Grandparents in Ministry: Abuelo, Granddaddy, Grandfather

Abuelo, my favorite name

As the congregation moved from Mikell Chapel to the post-quinceañera reception, the young woman whose service we had just celebrated said to me, Padre Bill, estás entre mis abuelos,” or, “Father Bill, now you are among…

Nine Things I Learned About Leadership (So Far)

One axiom about vocations is that it takes about three years to learn a job and about four and a half years to get competent at it.

It’s something I tell seminarians as a caution about the complex work of…