Older Adult Ministry Program Recognizes 3 New Graduates

Older Adult Ministry Program Recognizes 3 New Graduates

Three people were recognized for completing the coursework required to earn a Certificate in Older Adult Ministry (OAM) at the annual meeting of the Presbyterian Older Adult Ministries Network (POAMN) in Louisville, KY.

This program is a partnership between POAMN…

The Box Story

I counseled a parishioner who was dissatisfied with his work for a religious agency.

“I can do the work,” he said, “but my heart is not in it.”

Meanwhile, he was pondering the possibility of a new job that was…

Moving Possibilities: Four Lessons from Moving More

“Why are you still moving?” the kids around me in the elementary school lunch line instructed.

“Stop moving!”

We had just finished some kind of movement class and I was still practicing the moves while in the line.

 In a…

Spiritual Leadership During Turbulent Times

During periods of societal regression, people may feel more entitled to even their bad behavior.

They may feel they have legitimate “excuses” for behaving as they do and that this should be understood and accepted no matter what the negative…

Fusion Retreat: The Art of Glass and Grace

 The Fusion Retreat is a path to grace-filled living. Rendering diverse, distinct or separate elements into a unified whole requires taking notice and then surrendering our experiences and emotions to the kiln of God’s creative spirit.


“All the arts…

How Do You Measure Success?

I encountered one of the most centering definitions of success during high school.

It was by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

His more humanistic definition of success goes: “To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the…

Archives Creates New Discussion about Columbia’s History

October 12, 2019—With the recent release of Erskine Clarke’s To Count Our Days: A History of Columbia Theological Seminary, many are becoming acquainted with names, places, ideas, and events that shaped this institution for several generations. The C….

“Baseball Card Book” Documents First Women Ordained in the Presbyterian Church

As a woman in seminary, Caroline Leach (’72) only wanted the same respect accorded to other students. Here, she shares about the challenges of being a student at Columbia Theological Seminary at a time when women were just starting to…

Triangle Games

The concept of the emotional triangle often is referred to as the “building block” for emotional process dynamics in relationship systems (families, churches, organizations, etc.).

Dual relationships (one on one) are difficult to maintain so it does not take long…

Thornwell and Wilson Papers Released by Seminary Archives

October 1, 2019—The C. Benton Kline, Jr. Special Collections and Archives is pleased to announce the public release of two recently digitized 19th century collections: the James Henley Thornwell papers, 1836-1861, and the Joseph Ruggles Wilson papers, late 1800’s. The…