Thanksgiving Prayer

Thanksgiving Prayer


giver of life and provider of all good things,

who has blessed us in the gift of new life

in the Savior, Jesus Christ,

accept our worship of thanksgiving today.


We thank you for the mother…

A Leadership in Ministry Q&A

The Center for Lifelong Learning interviewed Associate Dean for Lifelong Learning, Israel Galindo (“Dr. G”), about the Leadership in Ministry Workshops, part of the Center’s post graduate Pastoral Excellence Program.


CLL: Can you share briefly what the…

seminary like Holy Week analogy

What’s Worth Knowing: Insight for Caregivers and Those Being Cared For

It’s often very easy for us to give of ourselves but we all know that person who gives and gives but when they need help, they refuse to receive it.

Being able to receive graciously is a gift.

I facilitate…

Functioning At Your Best as Leader

Someone once asked an imaginative question: “What if some day scientists discovered a differentiation gene?” It was a fun question to ponder, but, genes don’t work the way most of us imagine. Bowen’s Scale of Differentiation posits that one characteristic…

“Being is Doing”: Tools for Healing Adverse Childhood Experiences

As the conversation around Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s), trauma, and trauma informed care grows, practitioners and policy stakeholders recognize the impact of trauma and transition. This is especially true among some of the most vulnerable populations: young adult women and…

Understanding the Difficult Parishioner

Interacting with seminarians typically raises two affections in me. The first is hope. God is still calling people to participate in the redemptive mission of the Kingdom, and people are still answering that call. The second, is a bit of…

The 15 Most Common Anxiety Triggers in a Congregation

It’s no secret that congregations experience times of increased anxiety. Those periods of acute anxiety can be triggered by any number of events, conditions, or situations. Here are the 15 most common triggers to anxiety in a congregation (in no…

Presbyterian Women’s Histories at Columbia Seminary

November 2, 2019—“The twentieth-century history of Presbyterian women’s organizations is a rich and varied one, and it is a history that has been well documented by women themselves. There are stories of prayer groups and sewing circles, building programs and…