Digital Archives Collection of Academic Catalogs Available

Digital Archives Collection of Academic Catalogs Available

December 31, 2019—The C. Benton Kline, Jr. Special Collections and Archives is pleased to announce the release of a new digital collection. Now available in the institutional repository is the entire run of academic catalogs, dating from 1849-2019. The…

Traits of a well-defined leader

I came across some notes from a presentation by my friend, Ken Hurto, former faculty member in the Leadership in Ministry Workshops ( Ken’s presentation on leadership was titled “Being a Lighthouse and Not a Bulldozer.”…

A Christmas Eve Prayer

Our Father of all Souls,

This is Christmas Eve!

There is not another day like this in all the year.

It’s as if we had been climbing for the last month with our

eyes on this one day.

Now we…

Finding a great children’s minister

A friend recently contacted me for advice (despite knowing I don’t give advice). She had accepted the call to be the chair of her church’s search committee for a children’s minister. She asked about some book resources on children’s ministry….

Education by Israel Galindo

New Stories, New Narratives: Columbia Seminary Begins Transformative Community Conferencing Process

Decatur, GA–At its fall 2019 meeting, the Board of Trustees issued a mandate to Columbia Theological Seminary to embark on a process of institutional reckoning. Upon the recommendation of Dr. Marcia Riggs, J. Erskine Love Professor of Christian Ethics, the…

David Hooker

The Great Cloud of Witnesses: Four Saints, Four Centuries

Whenever I read about the great cloud of witnesses in Hebrews 11, I picture David and Moses, Abraham and Sarah, Jephthah, Gideon and Samuel sitting in the bleachers while we on the track are running the race toward Jesus.


The First Qualification of a Leader

Leonard Mlodinow stated, “Today’s society bestows rewards, as never before, upon those who are comfortable with change, and it may punish those who are not, for what used to be the safe terrain of stability is now often a dangerous…

Two Theories of Learning

I can trace my intrigue with Christian education to one single moment. That moment was when I stumbled upon a statement by Morton Kelsey that went something like this: For Christian education to be authentic, its approaches need to be…

Education by Israel Galindo

Women of Color Clergy: The Colloquy Experience

The Women of Color Clergy colloquy is designed for church leaders who are women of color, many of whom are now realizing opportunities for pastoral leadership in contexts previously inaccessible.


Participants will explore and share experiences in mediating dynamics…

Using Conversation in Teaching and Learning

When I talk to people about dialogical learning, they often reply, “Yes, we have great discussions in my class.” But discussion and dialogue, as learning methods, are different things. And then there’s conversation.

But conversation too can be…

Education by Israel Galindo