Tips for Effective Preaching

Tips for Effective Preaching

Preaching is tough in the best of times.

When faced with a global pandemic, political uncertainty, environmental catastrophes spurred by climate change, and economic disparity between the rich and the poor at an all-time high, preaching can feel near impossible.

Unfortunately, learning is not an outcome of teaching

The counter-intuitive notion that learning is not an outcome of teaching can be a challenging concept.

This is natural, for several reasons.

First, due to our experiences, we tend to naturally associate teaching with learning.

Second, despite the logical connection…

Three stewardship tasks you should be doing right now

Do you find yourself worrying about what’s going to happen with your church’s budget post-COVID?

I’ve talked to many pastors who have this concern, even if giving is level or even increased in the short term.

Whatever the situation in…

Columbia Seminary Produces Timeline Looking at Institution’s Links to Slavery and Racism

Decatur, GA—The C. Benton Kline, Jr. Special Collections is pleased to present A Window into the Breach: Theology and the Economy of Slavery at Columbia Theological Seminary, 1824-1899, a timeline consisting of 41 slides looking at racism and the institution…

TCI@CTS new virtual format

Decatur, GA— The Center for Lifelong Learning (CLL) at Columbia Theological Seminary announces an all-virtual format for the 2021 Cohort of TCI@CTS, The Coaching Institute at Columbia Theological Seminary. This is the third year that the CLL has offered this…

New logo for Columbia Theological Seminary

Self defeating behaviors in leaders

On any given day we may read about a leader, in corporations, government, business, or religious institutions, who has lost a job, prestige, reputation, or respect due to self-defeating behavior.

A common first response upon reading these instances is, “What…

Adapt and Thrive Through Coaching 

Our world is in crisis.

COVID-19 has left unprecedented challenges in its wake for leaders and organizations.

Sheltering-in-place, social distancing, and historic unemployment have become our current realities.

Adapting to the “new normal” requires retooling.  

Coaching is a great…

Love Those Classics

Every once in a while, at my former church, we’d break out the old (and I mean old) hymnbooks for a Wednesday evening hymn sing.

People would call out the numbers of their favorite hymns to the song leader and…

The Body of Christ and Our Bodies 

It was during another public health crisis, some years back, that a church friend walked into a meeting wearing a button that said, “The body of Christ has AIDS.”

Those words shocked and moved and inspired me. 

I realized how important it was…

Abuelo… en cuarentena

As the congregation moved from Mikell Chapel to the post-quinceañera reception, the young woman whose service we had just celebrated said to me, “Padre Bill, estás entre mis abuelos,” or, “Father Bill, now you are among my grandfathers.” 

Each week I can be found on the Cathedral Close…

Knowing When To Fold ‘Em: The Plight of Second Chair Leaders

Congregational staff who occupy the “second chair” often find themselves in a precarious position related to the prospects of their tenure.

Sometimes circumstances dictate this, but also, the relationship with the senior pastor can be a major factor, or, simply…

Soul Tending: An Exploration of Practices for Spiritual Nourishment and Growth

We have entered into an unusual and deeply challenging season in the life of the world.

Whether we wanted to go there or not, we are now in many ways wandering this wilderness together and apart.

Many of us are…

Talking Politics During Turbulent Times Online Conference

The Center for Lifelong Learning announces sponsors and workshops for Talking Politics During Turbulent Times Online Conference.


Decatur, GA— Register now for Talking Politics During Turbulent Times hosted by the Center for Lifelong Learning at Columbia Theological Seminary on…