For the Bookshelf: Exploring Spirituality, An Ecumencial Reader

For the Bookshelf: Exploring Spirituality, An Ecumencial Reader

Exploring Spirituality: An Ecumenical Reader, edited by Kenneth J. Collins, is a collection of twenty-four essays in which Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran, Reformed, Anglican, and Methodist writers describe the unique forms of spirituality that have emerged from their traditions.

An Act of Unselfish Love

I was in late elementary school – the years when one is old enough to recognize that hardships exist in life but young enough to think the world was all about me.

My mother had a close friend whom she…

Implement prayer into your teaching

I remember congratulating a young man on his first sermon.

The topic was prayer and he did very well for his first effort.

Responding to my compliment on his performance, he replied, “Thanks, but I couldn’t go wrong on this…

And Jesus Wept: a good idea

There is a very poignant moment in Scripture that gets little exegesis, it seems, but it touches the deepest nerve of a people in mourning for the loss of the character of their nation. Like our own.

It is the…

Creating Courses That “Kill”

For some years I worked with a group of teachers who were motivated, and committed, to improve their courses and their classroom teaching performance.

These teachers had been in a teacher in-service seminar I gave some years previously (almost a…

A Playful Perspective

One of the ways we have been tending to our overall health and wellbeing over the last several months is by being more intentional about making space for play in our lives, which we confess is one of the first…

Practicing Kindness

In my sermon for Reformation Sunday (October 25th), the Rev. Fred Rogers was one of my key examples for the sermon titled “We are All Members of the Family of God.”

The line from his song reverberated with me.


Keep your learners attention with these eight ways

Much of what we do by way of teaching takes the form of classroom instruction.

It’s a pedagogy that is highly dependent on teacher performance. So much so that we can identify around 49 specific instructional acts that are teacher-specific.

Questions that Change Lives

In his book, Jesus is the Question, Martin Copenhaver posits that in the four gospels, Jesus asks 307 questions, was asked 183 questions, and only answered between three and eight (depending on what scholar you consult).

And yet, in ministry…

Humans and Their Brains

Adam Kieper wrote a review of Michael Gazzanig’s book, Human titled, The Synapse and the Soul.

It appeared in The Wall Street Journal (July 8, 2008).

He begins, interestingly, with philosophical questions:

What is it that makes us human – that sets…