A Sense of Wonder

A Sense of Wonder

Winters where I live, along the rugged coast of Maine, are a test of character.

The snows make their first appearance in November and remain a regular if occasional presence through May.

When the first real blizzard comes, it drops…

Ministry is a team sport: Advice from a ministry veteran

Some time ago a pastor I know shared her thoughts about ministry with the seminarians in one of my courses.

Here are her thoughts about “Growing Into Ministry: Nine Tips I Have Learned”.


1. Find a mentor

Many people…

How to say you’re sorry

Here’s an important lesson I learned from one of my teachers, Dave Ellis: how to apologize.

(He’s the author of one of my favorite books, Falling Awake: Creating the Life of Your Dreams) Dave said when you have to apologize,…

Young Black Clergy and Community

“God is never in a state of inertia.”

I’ve found that those seasoned by the salt of fruitful testimony regularly toss around these kinds of sage gems.

Prone to selective amnesia and idolatrous meandering as we are, these declarations are…

How you know you’ve had an effective learning experience

I remember when I had the opportunity to attend several lifelong learning events some time ago.

They were refreshing in the sense that I got to be a participant, and sometimes, a spectator.

My family teased me about going to…

Education by Israel Galindo

rekindle interview: “My hope is that congregations receive encouragement, rest, hope, courage, and collegial wisdom”

Columbia Theological Seminary recently received a grant of $969,528 from Lilly Endowment Inc. to help establish the “reKindle: Congregational Development in a Post COVID-19 Era” program through its Center for Lifelong Learning.  


The reKindle Impact Grant will help realize the goal of the Thriving…

Augustine of Hippo and Six educational principles

Augustine of Hippo was one of the foremost philosophers and theologians of early Christianity.

He had a profound influence on the subsequent development of Western thought and culture and, more than any other person, shaped the themes and defined the…

“Let’s Pretend That Didn’t Happen”

After a disturbing event in a church I was serving a while back, the elders were discussing how to respond. One elder – a distinguished older man – said this:

Let’s just pretend like it didn’t happen.



The Help You Never Knew You Needed

It was sometime in the early 2000s that I was searching the interwebs for some ministry ideas and I ran across this thing called S3, a grant offered by the Center for Lifelong Learning at Columbia Theological Seminary.

Being on…

Help your church members grow spiritually this year

A student in one of my online classes asked a great question:

How do I encourage members to reflect and think theologically?

I’m having a hard time coming up with an example of what that would even look like in…