“Don’t Forget About Us!” Ministry with People Isolated by Disability

“Don’t Forget About Us!” Ministry with People Isolated by Disability

“How can the church support you these days?” I asked a single mom, “Ronda,” whose 10 year-old is medically fragile.

Ronda replied, “My favorite verse for this COVID season is Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened,…

Post-COVID Prognostication

The Post-Covid impact on congregations, and their responses, is a topic of much discussion these days.

There is lots of pondering, articles—popular and scholarly—guesses, prognostication, and no lack of angst on that topic.

Prognostication is not my spiritual gift, and…

Moms in Ministry: An Inside Look Into Motherhood, Part 2

This post is Part 2 of the Moms in Ministry: An Inside Look Into Motherhood feature in honor of Women’s History Month. To read Part 1 with CTS moms, Felicia Thimas (FT) and Amy Remaklus (AR) click

I still remember the hurt

This is a reflection from a participant in the Healthy Transitions Retreat for Clergy and Spouses of the Ministering to Ministers program.


“I still remember…

The hurt, the frustration,

the anger, the unbelief.

The questions…Why? What just happened?

Moms in Ministry: An Inside Look Into Motherhood, Part One

We know the numbers. We know the symptoms. What we don’t know are the endless stories tied to  the pandemic common thread. Where do our stories intersect? How are they similar? How are we coping?

In honor of Women’s History,…

The Formula for Successful Learning: Retention

For years I used a mnemonic in teacher training workshops and faculty seminars to help participants remember a fundamental definition of learning.

The mnemonic was in the form of a “formula.”

As a teaching tool, it was effective, though I…

Education by Israel Galindo

The hardest lesson I’m grateful I learned: letting go 

The title “The hardest lesson I’m grateful I learned: letting go” is a bit of a misnomer.

I am in a years-long process of learning to let go.

As the oldest daughter, of an oldest daughter, (who was a minister’s…

The Spirituality of Dialogue

I am excited to explore what is for me a new adventure in the spiritual formation program: the spirituality of dialogue.  

There is the far-too-narrow notion that spirituality is strictly one’s own business, something cultivated within one’s self with God, or in the company of others in prayer and Lectio Divina.  

But I’ve come…

Losing a Job, Finding a Calling

“Do you think you can find a new job in six months?” asked the committee chairperson.

I had just sat down on the parlor sofa for the annual personnel review, the one the senior pastor had always dismissed.

But there…

10 Books to Read with your Child

Today (March 2nd) is Read Across America Day!

Celebrated on the same day as famed children’s author, Dr. Suess, Read Across America Day was founded in 1998 by National Education Association (NEA) to celebrate reading annually in the U.S.

What are the elements to effective instruction?

When I review video presentations for a project, I primarily screen them for delivery rather than content.

It’s amazing how many basic rules of good communication presenters break—consistently—even professional speakers and celebrated “master teachers.”

The other side of the equation…