Self Care and Christian Educators

Self Care and Christian Educators

The ministry and work of the professional church educator is challenging and demanding.

The fact is that the more you stay in the field and in the ministry (especially if you stay in the same ministry context) the job only…

Delicious Can Be Good For You

With more and more people getting vaccinated, the closer we are getting to being able to gather again with family and friends, which also means that pretty soon we will once again be able to participate in one of life’s…

Touched By An Angel

I still haven’t gotten used to being called an angel.

When introducing myself to someone new, if I mention my work as a hospice chaplain the most common response is “Oh my goodness! You are such an angel.”



Dr. Jake Myers Named the Wade P. Huie Chair of Homiletics

Dr. Love Sechrest, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty at Columbia Theological Seminary, announced that Dr. Jake Myers was elected by the Board of Trustees as the Wade P. Huie Associate Professor of Homiletics. The chair was…

New logo for Columbia Theological Seminary

The Validity of Prayer

First, I think I need to start this post by saying that I believe in prayer and am a practitioner (although I must confess that I didn’t really know how to pray until I was forty, even though I grew up…

A Formation Approach to Continued Education

In 1966 Jerome Bruner, Harvard psychologist and educator, wrote:

There is a dilemma in describing a course of study.

One must begin by setting forth the intellectual substance of what is to be taught, else there can be no sense…