Is your triangle “bad”?

Is your triangle “bad”?

The Leadership in Ministry workshops at The Center for Lifelong Learning use Bowen Theory (or Bowen Family Systems Theory—BFST) as a framework for interpreting the dynamics of congregational and organizational life, and, to help participants work on their…

Songs of Faith and Community

I grew up singing traditional Baptist hymns.

We sang favorites over and over, and they are now so engrained in my memory that they might as well be in my DNA.

We sang “Amazing Grace,” of course, and it remains…

AFTER THE FIRE: Finding God in Silence and Stillness

Like so many English-speaking Christians, I grew up immersed in the words and rhythms of the King James Version of the Holy Bible.

So much of the language and lyricism of that 17th century translation of scripture has become integral…

The Fundamentals of Learning

I remember attending a panel on continuing education. One of the questions at the center of the conversation had to do with effective models for continuing education programs. Some sound ideas were shared, but many missed the mark, educationally speaking.

Students always ask these questions

After eighteen years of formal teaching in theological education, at the graduate level, it is becoming apparent that students will always be students—and despite references to “students these days,” teachers will gripe about the same things. 

Here are the seven…

Power of Being Silent

When I was fifteen (ish), I had a heated conversation with my parents – it was specifically targeted at my mother.

My father was more of a passivist.

He was always pained by our level of emotion and angry words.

Creation Through a New Lens

I am not a visual artist.

I am not a sculptor, painter, or photographer.

I do, however, appreciate the work of those whose gifts make these works accessible to the world.

One of my daughters is a professional artist.


For the Bookshelf: Jeremy Taylor, Rule and Exercises of Holy Living

Jeremy Taylor experienced an ordinary upbringing in the family of his father who was a barber.

His life was extraordinary in his service to the Church of England because of the religious turmoil in 17th century England.


He was…

The Life of Christ

Faithful seekers who desire to contemplate the life of Christ as it is presented in the biblical witness encounter many challenges.

As we read and pray about the life of Christ, we’re met with obstacles of historical context, ancient cultural…