A Christmas Eve Prayer

A Christmas Eve Prayer

Our Father of all Souls,

This is Christmas Eve!

There is not another day like this in all the year.

It’s as if we had been climbing for the last month with our

eyes on this one day.

Now we are here “a little spent for our journey”

but we will enjoy this Christmas Day

to the fullest!


Our God of Advent,

You have bent low from your heights of holiness

and looked mercifully upon us,

Who, dwelling amid the insecurities of this mortal life

are tempted to guard every advantage

and keep everything

as if our life could be secured

by what we have or can possess.


But you have shown us your way,

your confusing and opposite way of life

In the giving up of the most precious gift of your Son;

Dethroned, uncrowned, powerless

and dependent you gave him to us.

And we confess that in the end

we did not know how to receive such a gift

For we seem to be able to see only gay wrappings

and bright ribbons that catch our attention

and too often miss the real gifts in our lives.


But, Oh God,

What a gift you’ve given!

In His coming our eyes were opened to how much

we have given ourselves to shadows of unreality,

to killing time and empty distractions.

Now there is light again in our lives!

And our days are filled with meaning,

for now we know who we are:

Children of the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords,

The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.



Excerpted from Let Us Pray: Contemporary Prayers for the Seasons of the Church by Israel Galindo.


Israel Galindo is Associate Dean for Lifelong Learning at the Columbia Theological Seminary. He directs the Pastoral Excellence Program at Columbia seminary. He is the author of the bestseller, The Hidden Lives of Congregations (Alban), Perspectives on Congregational Leadership (Educational Consultants), and A Family Genogram Workbook (Educational Consultants), with Elaine Boomer & Don Reagan, and Leadership in Ministry: Bowen Theory in the Congregational Context.

His books on Christian education include Mastering the Art of Instruction,The Craft of Christian Teaching (Judson), How to be the Best Christian Study Group Leader (Judson), and Planning for Christian Education Formation (Chalice Press).

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