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June-July, Tim Hartman: Serve as a pastor-in-residence at the Volmoed Youth Leadership Training Programme in Hermanus, South Africa. Present paper on “‘What Happened to Me?’: Revisiting Kwame Bediako’s theological contributions one decade later” at the annual meeting of The Theological Society of South Africa in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

July-August, John Azumah: Present lectures and seminars in Nigeria, Ghana and Ivory Coast over the summer with senior staff of ScholarLeaders International.

July-December, Tim Hartman: Serve as visiting scholar at the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town, South Africa.

July, Israel Galindo: Accreditation reviewer for The University Council of Jamaica.

July 1, Sarah Erickson: Preach at North Decatur Presbyterian Church.

July 4, Bill Harkins: Give the Invocation at the Peachtree Road Race. This will be Bill’s 42nd consecutive race!

July 8, Sarah Erickson: Preach at North Decatur Presbyterian Church.

July 16-20, Raj Nadella: Participate in the Society of Asian Biblical Scholars conference in Malang, Indonesia.

July 13, Raj Nadella: Facilitate a planning meeting for the 2019 International Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature (ISBL) in Bangalore, India.

July 15, Sarah Erickson: Lead worship at Silver Creek Presbyterian Church, Silver Creek, GA.

July 22-29, Anna Carter Florence: Lecturer and Workshop leader for the Ghost Ranch Biblical Preaching Event, Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, NM.

July 25-27, Brennan Breed: Present a paper “The Eras of Empires: Four Kingdoms Motifs in Ancient Historiographies” at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, Germany.

July 25-27, Martha Moore-Keish: Presenting at Luther Seminary Re-Thinking Stewardship Event in Minneapolis, MN.

July 30-August 3, Brennan Breed: International SBL meeting in Helsinki, Finland.

August, Brennan Breed: Begin new position as Theologian-in-Residence at First Presbyterian Church in Marietta, teaching a weekly class on Sunday mornings during their educational hour.

August 6-8, Israel Galindo: Colloquy for Rural Church Clergy.

August 13-15, Israel Galindo: Leadership in Ministry Faculty Gathering III.

August 25, Leanne Van Dyk: Preach at STEPS conference for Christian educators, Charleston Atlantic Presbytery.

August 29-30, Anna Carter Florence: Lecturer for a Pastors’ Conference in Rekjavik, Iceland: Áhugahópur um guðfræðiráðstefnur.

September 17-19, Israel Galindo:  Leadership in Ministry, Portland.

September 24-26, Israel Galindo: Leadership in Ministry B, Lynchburg.

October 1-3, Israel Galindo: Leadership in Ministry, Boston.

October 1-3, Mindy McGarrah Sharp: New Directions in Pastoral Theology Paper Presentation, Princeton Theological Seminary.

October 2-3, Anna Carter Florence: Lecturer and Workshop Leader for event sponsored by the University of Winnipeg and Canadian Mennonite University.

October 6-8, Leanne Van Dyk: Lead weekend learning event at Trinity Presbyterian Church, Clearwater, FL.

October 8-11, Israel Galindo: Transition into Wellness Retreat, Atlanta.

October 8-11, Bill Harkins: Transition into Wellness, Clinical Faculty, Columbia Seminary CLL, Atlanta.

October 9-11, Anna Carter Florence: Lecturer and Workshop Leader for the ELCA Missouri Bishop’s Conference.

October 15-17, Israel Galindo: Leadership in Ministry A, Lynchburg.

October 19-20, Justo and Catherine González: Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC will host the next Justo and Catherine González Lecture Series, convened by the Asociación para La Educación Teológica Hispana (Association for Hispanic Theological Education or AETH) highlighting the role of Hispanic/Latino ministry in the United States with the theme of “The Public Witness of the Hispanic/Latino Church.”

October 19-21, Bill Harkins: 2018 AAPC Southeast Region Clinical Conference, Workshop Presenter, Kanuga Conference Center, Hendersonville, NC.

October 21-25, Tim Hartman: Present paper on “African religions as “parables of the Kingdom”?: Karl Barth and Kwame Bediako on Revelation and Culture” at the International Karl Barth conference at Stellenbosch University in Cape Town, South Africa.

October 22-24, Israel Galindo: Leadership in Ministry, Kansas City.

October 26, Martha Moore-Keish: Presenting at South Alabama presbytery “Equipping the Saints” weekend.

October 30-November 5, Bill Harkins: Episcopal CREDO, Psychological Health Faculty, Waycross Episcopal Conference Center, Indiana.

November 1-4, Sarah Erickson: 2018 Religious Education Association (REA) Annual Meeting, Beyond White Normativity: Creating Brave Spaces in Washington, DC. Host dinner on November 1 featuring Diana Butler Bass as speaker, and preside over the annual meeting of the Association of Leaders of Lifelong Learning for Ministry (ALLLM) on November 3. ALLLM is now a “related learning organization” of the REA, and will offer three workshops and facilitate a work group session on Sunday.

November 5-8, Anna Carter Florence: Lecturer and Leader for the St. Clement’s College of Preachers, Toronto, ON.

November 17-20, Annual American Academy of Religion (AAR) and Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) conference in Denver, CO:

Brennan Breed: Presenting a paper SBL on the topic of “Rethinking Reception” on the Use, Influence and Impact of the Bible section on November 17. Serving on a panel hosted by the Ethnic Chinese Biblical Colloquium in honor of Choon-Leong Seow celebrating his Festschrift, When the Morning Stars Sang, co-edited by Christine Yoder on November 19.

William Brown: Presenting three papers for SBL, titles TBA.

Mindy McGarrah Sharp: Journal of Pastoral Theology Annual Publishing Meetings at AAR.


November 12-14, Israel Galindo: Leadership in Ministry, Atlanta.

December 4-10, Bill Harkins: Episcopal CREDO for Bishops, Psychological Health Faculty, Beckwith Episcopal Conference Center, Weeks Bay, Alabama.

Dr. Raj Nadella from India teaching biblical scholarship from the New Testament at Columbia Theological Seminary

Recent Awards and Honors

Dr. John Azumah, Professor of World Christianity and Islam, along with ScholarLeaders International, based in Chicago, have been awarded a grant of $309,000 by the John Templeton Foundation and The Blankemeyer Foundation. The grant was formally approved in March 2018 for a feasibility study titled: “Engaging the Mosque and the Church in West Africa: Objectives, Strategy and Feasibility,” with Dr. Azumah as leader of the project. The exploration of the project started in the last quarter of 2017 and will conclude March ending 2019.

Kelly Campbell, Associate Dean for Information Services and Director of The John Bulow Campbell Library, was named as the Chair of the International Theological Librarian Education Taskforce for the American Theological Library Association.

Brandon Maxwell, Vice President for Student Affairs and Community Life and Dean of Students, received certification to be a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory.

Doug Oldenburg, President Emeritus, received one of this year’s Excellence in Theological Education awards given by The Committee on Theological Education and the Theological Education Fund honoring leaders in theological education at the 2018 General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Rev. Katie Ricks (’02), Associate Director of Vocation and Spiritual Formation, received certification as a Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) in June 2018.

Jeffery Tribble, Associate Professor of Ministry was elected “President-Elect” of the Academy of Religious Leadership at the annual meeting, held April 12-14, in Minneapolis. As a result of this election, he will serve on the Steering Committee for the three next years in the offices of President Elect, President, and President Emeritus.

Leanne Van Dyk, President and Professor of Theology, was appointed Chair of the Board of Commissioners at the Association of Theological Schools Biennial in Denver, CO on June 19.

Recent Publications

John Azumah, Professor of World Christianity and Islam, “Jesus as God’s Revelation in Christian-Muslim Relations,” in Theological Issues in Christian-Muslim Dialogue, Charles Tieszen, ed. (Eugene, Oregon: Pickwick Press, 2018).

Brennan Breed, Assistant Professor of Old Testament, notes for the book of Ecclesiastes, The New Oxford Annotated Bible, 5th edition (Oxford University Press, April 2018).

William Brown, William Marcellus McPheeters Professor of Old Testament: “Knowing Creation in the Light of Job and Astrobiology,” in Knowing Creation: Perspectives from Theology, Philosophy, and Science, ed. Andrew B. Torrance and Thomas H. McCall (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2018), 139-52.

Anna Carter Florence, Peter Marshall Professor of Preaching: Rehearsing Scripture: Discovering God’s Word in Community (Eerdmans, July 2018), based on her 2012 Lyman Beecher Lectures on Preaching at Yale Divinity School.

Kevin Park, Associate Dean for Advanced Professional Studies and Assistant Professor of Theology: “Beyond Ornamental Progress: An Interview with Kevin Park” in the spring edition of Reflections, A Magazine of Theological and Ethical Enquiry from Yale Divinity School.


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