Biblical Area

BIBLICAL AREA studies seek to provide students with the necessary skills and tools to interpret the Bible with faithfulness, integrity, and imagination for a world that is much different from that in which the books of the Bible were written. The Biblical Area offers variety of core and language classes including: Hebrew, Greek, Old Testament Interpretations I & II, and New Testament Interpretations I & II. In addition to core and language classes the Biblical Area professors also offer a rotating list of Bible electives stemming from their particular interest in the Bible. A few examples of these rotating electives are: The Bible and Visual Art, Proverbs: Wisdom for an Uncertain World, Paul in Prison: Philippians, Philemon, Ephesians, and Colossians, and New Testament Ecclesiologies. Biblical Area courses give students the opportunity to practice appropriate and creative means of hearing Scripture anew today, in our own cultural and historical contexts, so that it may continue to speak to us and to our world in fresh and powerful ways.



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