Presbyterian Scholarships & Resources

Your home church, presbytery (Committee on Preparation for Ministry), and synod may provide financial support to their seminary students. Let them know your needs. Below are Presbyterian scholarship opportunities and other resources that Columbia Theological Seminary students have pursued in the past. Investigate, and get a head start. Review so you may be prepared to apply as soon as they are announced:


PCUSA Study Grant

PCUSA Study Grant. Applications are available starting April of each year.

Columbia Friendship Circle Scholarships

The Columbia Friendship Circle funds a number of scholarships annually. Full-time second or third year Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) students who have demonstrated both a strong commitment to God’s call and diligence in studies at Columbia Seminary, have dependent children, and have demonstrated financial need are considered for these scholarships. No application is necessary.

A Columbia Friendship Circle Scholarship recipient who shows need is also eligible for additional need-based financial aid. Additional need-based awards are governed by the maximum seminary financial assistance limits.

Apollos Scholarships from the Omaha Presbyterian Foundation

Deadline: Completed applications due around April 15 each year.

The Omaha Presbyterian Seminary Foundation accepts applications for Apollos Scholarships in the amount of $1,500 or $3,000 per semester for up to 3 years of study. Please arrange for references and transcripts to be received in the Foundation office by April 15 as well. All completed applications will be forwarded to the selection committee following verification of status as Inquirer or Candidate with the CPM of their Presbytery, and as a full-time student making progress toward an MDiv degree. Announcement of scholarship recipients is made on or about August 1 each year. In the 60 years since the Foundation began financial support for seminarians, about 70 students from Columbia Theological Seminary have benefited from loans (early years) and scholarships (since 1992). Please consider applying.


St. John’s Presbyterian Church, Reno Nevada Scholarships

Student qualifications

Deadline: Completed applications due June 30 of each year.

Information and application can be found at: Call the church (775-826-0990) if you have questions.


Synod of the Sun Presbyterian Foundation Scholarships

Deadline: Completed application by June 15 of each year.


More about the scholarship can be found at the above website including the on-line application.

Contacts: Valerie Knox ( or Frank Seaman at (


Freedom Plains United Presbyterian Church Vocational Scholarships

Deadline: Completed applications due by June 15 of each year.

A limited number of scholarships are available through the First Presbyterian Church, Poughkeepsie, NY. You may pick up an application from the Financial Planning Office at 212 Campbell Hall, 404.687.4582. Please call the FPO at 404.687.4582 if you have questions or concerns.

Submit applications to:

Arne Christensen, Chairperson
FFPC, PO Box 400
LaGrangeville, NY 12540


The Eugene Carson Blake Scholarship

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has been invited to nominate a PCUSA student for the Scholarship. Priority will be given to students under 40 who have at least an undergraduate degree in theology or two years of a Master of Divinity/Theology. Download application instructions to be nominated for the Scholarship and submit materials to Melissa in the Office of Ecumenical Relations to be considered. For more information contact Melissa Davis at or 502-569-5037. Deadline is November 30. Click Here.

PC(USA) Seminary Debt Assistance Program

The Seminary Debt Assistance Program was established to relieve some of the financial pressures of newly ordained pastors as they enter the ministry. As you will see from the attached program description, the program’s guidelines restrict the grants to pastors who are members of the Board’s Benefit Plan and serving small congregations as full time installed pastors. Please note that while the name of the program is the Seminary Debt Assistance Program, we do consider the educational debt acquired while attending an undergraduate college as eligible for consideration under this program. So, the program can address more than educational debt acquired while in seminary. Click Here.