Are You Ready for Change?

Are You Ready for Change?

Michael Brown became an unlikely martyr on August 9, 2014. When I ask people about what they think has changed since the police killing of an unarmed black teen, I hear a variety of responses and most aren’t that positive.

What if we used the next year to truly engage in fearless and unflinching dialogues with those unlikely partners to plan a future where our children will thrive? We would build upon the stories and hopes of poor and working people, especially African Americans since they are the most vulnerable human beings who should be our critical focus.

If you’re interested in engaging in Fearless Dialogues like the topic mentioned above, click here to register for the Big Ideas in Youth Ministry Conference: Fearless Dialogues, November 5 – 7.

This post originally appeared in the St. Louis American. Read the full article here.

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