11 Suggestions on Being a Good Host for Guest Presenters

11 Suggestions on Being a Good Host for Guest Presenters

July 20, 2015—I give many presentations at various places. I always appreciate the invitation to give a presentation about things of mutual interest, but I sometimes am frustrated on those occasions when I find myself having to think about my presentation while having to deal with inconveniences or obstacles to delivering a good session. Here are some suggestions from a weary presenter about how to be a good speaker’s host:

Treat your guest speakers with a little bit of consideration and word will get around that you are a good host. Even “low maintenance” presenters appreciate a little consideration and thoughtful gestures. It only takes one bad notice from another speaker to give me pause about accepting an invitation to a place with a poor reputation for hospitality.

Israel Galindo is Associate Dean for Lifelong Learning and Director of Online Education at the Columbia Theological Seminary. Formerly, he was Dean at the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond. He is the author of the bestseller, The Hidden Lives of Congregations (Alban), Perspectives on Congregational Leadership (Educational Consultants), and A Family Genogram Workbook (Educational Consultants), with Elaine Boomer and Don Reagan.

His books on Christian education include The Craft of Christian Teaching (Judson), How to be the Best Christian Study Group Leader (Judson), Planning for Christian Education Formation (Chalice), and A Christian Educator’s Book of Lists (S&H).

Galindo contributes to the Wabash Center’s blog for theological school deans and to the Digital Flipchart blog.


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