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Using the CAL

Get Started

To work with a CAL Coach, you will need to make an appointment using an online platform called WC Online:

  • Create an account on CAL’s WC Online portal by clicking “Register for an account” and completing the form. Once you have submitted the registration form, log in to your account.
  • Choose the appointment day, time, and length that suits you on the WC Online calendar and click on the corresponding box. (See more details in the “Coaching Options” section below.) Complete the appointment booking form that appears in a new window, including selecting your preferred coaching mode. (See more details in the “Coaching Options” section below.)
  • When your appointment time arrives, follow the instructions for accessing your appointment (Needed for videochat mode only. See more details in the “Coaching Options” section below.).
CAL's WC Online Portal


WC Online allows you to easily attach materials to the appointment form (see our WC Online video tutorial for more details). We encourage you to provide the following helpful materials for a consultation:

  • Your assignnment description.
  • Specific questions about the assignment.
  • Your working draft of the assignment (if applicable). Remember that you do not need to have a complete draft of a written assignment to meet with a coach. If you have a draft, though, even if it is incomplete, be sure you have it with you, and make it available to your coach!
  • Any feedback from your instructor.