You Cannot Erase Light: Video Blogpost

You Cannot Erase Light: Video Blogpost

[Editor’s note: We think this video post by Andrew Kukla deserves reposting! Enjoy!]

By Andrew Kukla, MDiv. ’03 and DMin. ’12

I got the idea to do sermon teasers from a NEXT Church conference and the awesome folk at 90 second sermons.  I have now been doing them every week since October of 2015 and we do them in a wide range of styles.  My two-cents is to keep them simple and easy (so we don’t run the professional-like system of the 90 second sermon model, and in fact get better response to the less “produced” ones… it’s the “Idaho way”).  You can find all manner of our YouTube content (sermon teasers, anthems, and sermons) at our website:  We don’t “do it right” we just make sure we do it.

This teaser was filmed by myself with my iPhone (usually my office manager films them on a handheld camera) because I felt particularly inspired in that moment and want to try to capture the sense of the inspiration in the actual filming. It succeeded (where many of ours do not) precisely because it married a single moment (my dog walk) with a larger context (the despair many felt given what is happening in our country/world today), and the message of the Gospel that places our Hope not in our workings but in the sovereign God revealed in the Jesus Christ.  It was the teaser for Christ the King Sunday using the Luke 1 and Colossians 1 readings particularly the ideas of the “dawn from on high” and the “image of the invisible God.”  Sometimes my teaser material ends up in my sermon itself, sometimes it does not.  It always plays with the same concepts I am hearing and seeing in the text that week.

We share this video now because just as it was filmed in the wake of a full moon that gave light to a dawning hope in Christ, we find ourselves again in the wake of just such a moon and in the advent pre-dawn of that very in-breaking Good News.  May these words inspired you as they inspired me.

Andrew Kukla, CTS alum (M. Div. 2003 and D. Min. 2012) currently is the Pastor / Head of Staff of First Presbyterian Church of Boise, Idaho.

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