Art in Worship: Hear This…

Art in Worship: Hear This…

By Lisle Gwynn Garrity (MDiv/MAPT ’15) for @thispoint on “New Lenses for the Text”

February 11, 2015—”Hear this, you that trample on the needy,” was a liturgical art installation designed by Rev. Dr. Ann Laird Jones and executed by artist,…

Church Planting with Entrepreneurial Skill

By Dr. Jeffery L. Tribble, Sr., Associate Professor of Ministry

September 3, 2014—The mission of Columbia Theological Seminary is educating and nurturing faithful, imaginative, and effective leaders for the sake of the Church and the world. As a part of this…

A Brief Guide to Smart Giving

By Michael Thompson, Director of Communications.

August 27, 2014—If you even passively use Facebook or some other social media platform, you are likely aware of the “Ice Bucket Challenge.” Originally, this started out as a fun way for folks…

Giving to Columbia

The Challenge of Jihadi Islam to Christians

By John Azumah, Associate Professor of World Christianity and Islam.

August 21, 2014—Once again, the world is being subjected to horrific images of religious and ethnic genocide from Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria to Boko Haram in Nigeria….

Pilgrimage to Korea

By Kevin Park, Associate Dean for Advanced Professional Studies and Assistant Professor of Theology

July 18, 2014 — I am blessed to call three countries home. I was born in Korea, raised in Canada, and have been living in the U.S….

Alum Develops App to Assist Those in Need

July 9, 2014, San Diego, CA – Sojourners recently sought the 50 “Greatest Social Justice Leaders We’ve Never Heard Of” to participate in “The Summit” at Georgetown University. Those leaders included Columbia Theological Seminary alumnus Dr. Bill Jenkins (DMin ’85).

Founded in 1970…

Responding to Guns Everywhere

By Drew Stockstill (MDiv ’12)

If we are Facebook friends or if you follow me on Twitter, you have probably noticed an onslaught of stories on gun violence ricocheting through your newsfeed on a daily basis. Earlier this year,…

What If Jesus Disagrees?

By Michael Thompson, Director of Communications.

We are definitively in a season of disagreement. On any given day, I might drop just a few otherwise neutral words onto social media about the latest Supreme Court rulings, or decisions made…

The “C” Word

By Claudia Aguilar, MDiv ’11, DMin Student.

May 14, 2014—If you ask around campus: “what’s the best thing about Columbia?,” I am almost sure that the majority will say “community.” I am not really sure if that is the answer we…

"The "C" Word" written by Claudia Aguilar, MDiv '11

Growing Through Mission

By Donald R. Frampton (DMin ’82), Senior Pastor, St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church, New Orleans.

May 13, 2014—I am tired of closing down churches!  As the pastor of a congregation that enjoys great health, I am too often called upon by Presbytery to…

Growing through mission by: Donald R. Frampton

Our Witness to Christian Love: A Call to the PC(USA)

By the Faculty of Columbia Theological Seminary.

In 1861, a group of Presbyteries in the American south broke off from the denomination, primarily over the issue of slavery, in order to form the Presbyterian Church in the Confederate States of…

Our witness to Christian love

The Classroom and the Table

By Claudia Aguilar, MDiv ’11, DMin Student.

May 8, 2014—Columbia has had a community garden for a few years. Until very recently, a nearby congregation took care of the majority of the garden. Last year, we were on our own. Some…

The classroom and the table by Claudia Aguila