Even More (Really Exciting) Changes With Leadership in Ministry

Even More (Really Exciting) Changes With Leadership in Ministry

A message from Leadership in Ministry Coordinator Bob Dibble:

June 8, 2016—My first involvement with LIM began in 1994, later joining the Faculty. In 2008 Larry Matthews asked me to consider assuming responsibilities as Coordinator of LIM so that he could more fully retire. It was an honor to be asked by not only a friend but a mentor and it has been a great privilege to serve in that capacity since 2010.

However, since the fall of 2014 through the summer of 2015, I had been in a discernment process with a close circle of friends about the most appropriate time to end my ministry as Coordinator. The result was some very real clarity and peace about the decision.

I then began the process of seeking a successor whose commitment to LIM was equally steadfast. Fortunately, the first person I thought of also has accepted. We finalized as many transitions issues as possible when we were together for the fall LIM-Atlanta workshop.

So, it is with great pleasure that I inform you that Israel Galindo will be assuming responsibilities as Coordinator in 2017. For me, this is very good news for many reasons: Israel has been personal friend since our days in seminary going back to the late 70’s; moreover, he has been a trusted colleague and counselor; his reputation as a consummate professional is well established; and finally he already has close personal and professional ties with almost all of the faculty and many of the participants, especially at the Lost River, WV location where he was on faculty for many years.

Israel’s leadership, I am confident, will take LIM to the next level, affording it not only opportunity for continued expansion but also new levels of financial, staffing, and marketing support. All-in-all, the future looks bright!

Throughout the 2016 calendar year, I have been personally informing everyone about this important decision. To a person, all of you have expressed some of the same ambivalence which I have felt. I have been complimented by your personal words of gratitude for the part I have played in the continuance of LIM and sadness at my retiring and your well wishes; and I have been heartened by your words of support for Israel as the new Coordinator as well as your pledge of continued participation with LIM.

As for me, this discernment process has been spiritually enriching. As best as I have been able to discern God’s will and sense of timing, it seems most appropriate to step aside and invite new leadership.

I cannot overstate the value, personally and professionally, of being a part of LIM. I know that our regular gatherings in the spring and fall with each of you will be sorely missed. Your personal friendship means much to me (and I hasten to add my wife, Clarice). One of my mentors, the late Will Campbell, wrote about the glad river of Psalm 46 and I have been privileged to wade in that river with friends like you.

(Editor’s note: We, at The Center for Lifelong Learning, are excited by the possibilities that assuming coordination of LIM will bring in complement to our existing programs. It fits so well with the vision Israel Galindo has brought here as Associate Dean for Lifelong Learning!)

We invite you to learn more about the Leadership in Ministry program, with workshops in Atlanta, Boston, Portland, and Lost River WV.  You may also follow Leadership In Ministry on Facebook.

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