Student life at Columbia Seminary is a vital mixture of the ordinary and the extraordinary. Together we seek to live out our faith as members of the one body of Christ. It is often in the ordinary experiences of campus life that the grace of God is revealed in extraordinary ways.

Growing into Being a Beloved Community

At Columbia Seminary, people of faith seek to witness to God’s creative power, redemptive action, transforming justice, and reconciling love, in a pluralistic society and interdependent world. We understand Christian faith to include worship of God, faithfulness to Jesus Christ, cultivation of the mind, disciplines of the Christian life, ministries of proclamation, nurture, compassion, and justice, expression of faith through the arts, and participation in the life of the Church.

Therefore, all that we say and do in our daily life together is important to our formation as spiritual leaders. Life at Columbia Seminary involves the whole person. We encourage learning, personal reflection, service, and engagement with the wider community.

Local Worship

Worship is important both on and off campus. We have partnerships with diverse communities and programs throughout the Atlanta area.


Area Schools

Children living on campus are in the City Schools of Decatur school district . Decatur students consistently perform above the state and national averages on standardized tests at all grade levels. City Schools of Decatur is currently ranked in the top ten school districts in Georgia in SAT performance and fourth in the state in overall performance in all schools on the Georgia Criterion Reference Test. Children in kindergarten through third grade attend Winnona Park Elementary School, a block and a half walk from the Village. Fourth and fifth graders attend Glennwood Academy, which is also close to the seminary. These neighborhood schools have wonderful reputations and are noted for parental involvement. Children in grades six through twelve attend nearby Renfroe Middle School and Decatur High School. The high school offers a broad curriculum with many advanced placement courses; its average SAT scores are well above the national average.

Local Schools


Throughout the week, Columbia offers recreation opportunities such as volleyball, aerobics, and intramural team sports, including football, softball, and basketball. Community leagues provide opportunities for children and adults who wish to participate in organized sports or recreation. The local state-of-the-art YMCA offers student memberships as well.

Student groups organize picnics, parties, and study-breakers throughout the year. These events are opportunities for the community to gather for fun and relaxation. In addition to these organized events, students frequently get together for movies, dinners, music, or ball games.


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