Equal Opportunity, Harassment, and Non-Discrimination at CTS

Equal Opportunity, Harassment, and Nondiscrimination Policy

Columbia Theological Seminary is committed to promoting the goals of fairness and equity in all aspects of its theological and educational enterprise. Click HERE to access Columbia Seminary’s Equal Opportunity, Harassment, and Nondiscrimination Policy. The policies within are subject to resolution using the Seminary’s Equity Resolution Process (ERP) Click HERE. When the responding party is a member of the Seminary community, the ERP is applicable regardless of the status of the reporting party who may be a member or non-member of the campus community, including students, student organizations, faculty, administrators, staff, board members, guests, and visitors.

Columbia Theological Seminary encourages all individuals to report any instance of harassment, discrimination, bias, violence, sexual assault, or sex/gender-based assault, harassment, or misconduct. Reports can be filed using any of the resources below:


Confidential* Reporting Options

Rev. Katie Ricks
Assistant Dean, Student Life and Formation
Email: RicksK@CTSnet.edu
Phone: 404.687.4664
Office: Campbell Hall 214

Mitzi J. Smith, PhD
J. Davison Philips Professor of New Testament
Email: SmithM@CTSnet.edu
Phone: 404.687.4563
Office: Campbell Hall 309

*Confidentiality cannot be guaranteed if matters involve children or there is an imminent threat to health and safety.


Formal, Non-Confidential Reporting Options

Equity Diversity and Inclusion Response Team (EDIRT)

Email: EDIConcern@CTSnet.edu

This email address is monitored by all members of the EDIRT, which currently include the Dean of Students, Dean of Faculty, and Title IX Coordinator.


Online Anonymous Reporting Tool

Click HERE

This tool should not be used for emergency or crisis situations needing an immediate response from public safety or law enforcement officials. While this tool is checked regularly, it is not monitored 24 hours a day. Use this tool to report a non-emergency incident of bias, harassment, or discrimination. Notification will be sent to the EDI-LRT who will follow up on the matter.

Depending on the amount of information detailing the alleged incident(s) or identifying the alleged individual(s) responsible, Columbia Seminary’s ability to respond may be limited.

Any person may submit an anonymous report using this tool. If you wish to remain anonymous, do not include your name in the optional contact information fields at the bottom of the form.

Ms. Jody D. Sauls
Director of Human Resources; Title IX Coordinator
Email: SaulsJ@CTSnet.edu
Phone: 404.687.4654
Office: Campbell Hall 112

Rev. Brandon T. Maxwell
Dean of Students, Vice President for Student Affairs & Community Life
Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students
Email: MaxwellB@CTSnet.edu
Phone: 404.687.4522
Office: Campbell Hall 216

Dr. Love Sechrest
Dean of Faculty, Vice President for Academic Affairs
Email: SechrestL@CTSnet.edu
Phone: 404.687.4520
Office: Campbell Hall 114