Alumni Award Nominations

In 2006 the Alumni Association Council approved the Recognition Program in order to recognize outstanding service to the church rendered by a recent Columbia Seminary graduates.

Recognition shall be given to alumni who exemplify the ideals expressed in Columbia Seminary’s Statement of Mission found in the Seminary catalog as well as recognize the passion, commitment, and dedication of a recent graduate. This will help reward young alumni who are passionate about their ministry but also hope to keep them connected to the Seminary as well as keep them excited about the work they are doing.

A nominee shall be distinguished through the demonstration of an obedient and faithful ministry and leadership in the service of God, courageous in conviction, the desire to continue to grow and learn in ministry to the larger church while fulfilling the intentions of seminary training in fulfillment of Columbia’s Mission Emphasis.

Examples of such service follow, but are not limited to: effective small church pastor, servant leadership, has received recognition of ministry due to impact on a community or congregation, potential leadership in the church, service in a ministry of education, or other non-parish related ministries.

An eligible recipient of a Pioneer in Ministry Award would, in general, be at least three years graduated and no more than fifteen years graduated with a basic degree.

Nominations must be received no later than September 30, 2018. You may use the form below for nominations. All nominations should include a description of the nominee’s current position and reason(s) for the nomination. Please be as specific as possible.

Distinguished Service Award Details

Pioneer In Ministry Award Details

Alumni Award Nomination

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