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It is an invigorating time on our beautiful campus here in Decatur! Almost 50 new students have joined the Columbia Seminary community this fall. A significant percentage of these new students are second-career. Many of them have struggled for years with a persistent call to ministry that they have finally been able to answer. Being a student again is a daunting experience that requires faith, patience, and networks of support.

Your gift will make a big difference for Mel Codi, MDiv ’21 – as well as another second-career student, Dana Riley, MDiv ’20. These two extraordinary women are mothers, spouses, leaders in their churches, and now dedicated seminary students.




Thanks to you and other generous alumni, Dana and Mel are able to respond to God’s call to ministry.  Mel and Dana are only two of the many faithful and imaginative students at Columbia who are preparing to be future leaders for God’s changing world. Your special gift now will make all the difference in their ability to “keep stepping” towards God’s call on their lives to ministry. 

Make your gift now to support students at Columbia Theological Seminary!