DMin Degree: Growing Pastors as Effective Leaders

DMin Degree: Growing Pastors as Effective Leaders

By Rev. Karim Currey (DMin ’18), Pastor of Solid Rock AMEZ in Decatur, GA.

Some people want a DMin to be called Doctor, and when they are asked to articulate their theology, they crumble. Then there are others when you hear them speak and read their writings, it is evident they have a brilliant mind. It is those people from whom you inquire into what kind of education they possess. After your inquiry, you see they have a Doctorate in Ministry from Columbia Theological Seminary.

The DMin program is not an easy road, but it is the road that will lead to the greatest personal rewards. All of the professors and staff are committed to seeing you succeed. They work with you and your busy lifestyle, yet pushing you to become more. This program has helped me refine my own theology and elevated my understanding of God to a higher level.

The deadline is fast approaching for the Church and Ministry approach of Columbia Theological Seminary’s Doctorate of Ministry (DMin). Focusing on ministry with the local congregation, this DMin concentration offers you the opportunity to become a more effective leader for God’s people.

About Church & Ministry: Students will examine their ministry settings and describe their present practice of ministry. The Church and Ministry approach offers students the opportunity to reshape ministry for the sake of their leadership in the church.

Application deadline: July 1
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