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Jul 27
What My Grandmothers Taught Me: Learning from the Women in Matthew’s Genealogy of Jesus (2021-2022 PW Horizons Bible Study Leader Seminar) (online)


Have you ever wondered about the women listed in Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus? They are named for a reason, and this year’s PW Horizons Bible Study, will provide opportunities to explore and reflect on that these “grandmothers of the...

Aug 30
Christian Education in the Smaller Church (online)


In this course participants will explore the realities, challenges, and joys of providing Christian education in the smaller church context. 

Sep 01
TCI@CTS Mentor Coaching (Fall 2021) (online)


Mentor Coaching includes 10 hours of coach training and is open to coach training students who have completed or are enrolled in their initial ICF-approved ACC ACSTH coach training. Each participant must be coaching at least 2 clients through...

Sep 13
Leadership in Ministry: Portland Fall Session


The Leadership in Ministry workshop in Portland is a twice a year, peer-based clergy leadership development program and is part of the Pastoral Excellence Programs of the Center for Lifelong Learning.

Sep 20
Guthrie Scholars 2021-2022


The Guthrie Scholars Program is a independent study opportunity offered generally the fall on an application basis. Guthrie Scholars are invited to the campus to pursue a topic of their choice that engages a pressing issue of the church.

Sep 20
Leadership in Ministry: Lynchburg Fall Session


The Leadership in Ministry workshop in Lynchburg is a twice a year, peer-based clergy leadership development program and is part of the Pastoral Excellence Programs of the Center for Lifelong Learning. The fall session will be on the campus...

Sep 27
Healthy Transitions: A Wellness Retreat for Ministers and Spouses


Healthy Transitions: A Wellness Retreat for Ministers and Spouses at Eagle Eyrie Conference Center provides a relaxed atmosphere and confidential setting for healing and encouragement to ministers and their families who have experienced termination, or for those in conflicts...

Sep 27
Leadership in Ministry: Boston Fall Session


The Leadership in Ministry workshop in Boston is a twice a year, peer- based clergy leadership development program and is part of the Pastoral Excellence Programs of the Center for Lifelong Learning. The fall session will be on the...

Sep 27
Wisdom and Wit of the Desert Fathers and Mothers (online)


Join Carl McColman for this four-week online course to read, and reflect on, the entertaining and insightful ancient stories of the spiritual sages and religious eccentrics who were the desert mothers and fathers, exploring how their wisdom and wit...

Oct 04
12 Days to Becoming a Better Christian Teacher (online)


Through this 12-day interactive self-directed study, teachers and Christian educators will acquire knowledge and skills to become better teachers. Each daily session takes 60 to 90 minutes. For Christian educators and teachers.  

Oct 04
Leadership in Ministry: Kansas City Fall Session


The Leadership in Ministry workshop in Kansas City is a twice a year, peer-based clergy leadership development program and is part of the Pastoral Excellence Programs of the Center for Lifelong Learning. The fall session will be held on...

Oct 14
Ensouling our Lives: The Gospel of Love according to Julian of Norwich


Dr. Mark S. Burrows leads this retreat that will explore passages from Julian’s Showings. Our aim is to make sense of her profoundly Pauline notion of inclusion–that “nothing” can separate us from God’s love in Christ (cf. Rom. 8.38-39),...

Oct 18
reKindle: A Congregational Development Program


“reKindle” is a congregational development program funded by the Lilly Thriving Congregations grant initiative. Accepted congregations are eligible for an impact grant of up to $15,000 to initiate a program or engage in activities to foster the qualities of...

Oct 18
The Enneagram and Accompaniment (online)


Join Sandra C. Smith for this four-part program designed for spiritual directors/companions, chaplains, pastors, coaches, and counselors who want to learn how to use the Enneagram system with those they accompany. All faith traditions are welcome.




Nov 07
Incarnation: Theology, Tradition and Practice of Spiritual Direction


This seminar will explore biblical and theological underpinnings of spiritual direction and the practice of individual spiritual direction. This is the second residency for the Certificate in Spiritual Direction; enrollment is limited to those accepted into the program through...

Nov 15
Leadership in Ministry: Atlanta Fall Session


The Leadership in Ministry Workshop at Atlanta is a twice a year, peer-based clergy leadership development program and is part of the Pastoral Excellence Programs of the Center for Lifelong Learning.  The fall session will be held in person...

Jan 10
Seeking God: An Invitation to a Deeper Spiritual Life (online)


This four-week online retreat is for anyone seeking to cultivate a more meaningful life with God. It may also be helpful for those exploring new directions and callings. With Carl McColman, Deedra Rich, Debra Weir

Jan 17
Certificate in Spiritual Direction Application


Apply here for acceptance to the Certificate in Spiritual Direction, a 2.5-year program designed to nurture the gifts, sensibilities, and skills of a spiritual director.

Jan 17
The Process of Aging and Implications for Ministry (Older Adult Ministry Course) online


Aging is associated with many changes in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. This course will equip participants with the resources necessary to help those with whom you work navigate aging with agency, support, and information.

Jan 17
Understanding the New Testament (ONLINE) Presbytery of the Wabash Valley


This course is part of the Presbytery of Wabash Valley Ruling Elder program open to members of that presbytery.  Participants will gain an understanding of the New Testament and its interpretation and an appreciation and knowledge of the biblical text to inform and...

Jan 31
Inclusive Leadership in a Diverse and Changing World (online)


This practical five-week course is an introduction to intercultural competence in the context of local churches and religious organizations. Participants will explore what it means to be a culturally competent and inclusive leader in a diverse and changing world.

Feb 07
Colloquy for Young Black Church Clergy


This rich peer learning experience offers an opportunity to explore how young Black Church Clergy can be more effective leaders in the changing realities of ministry today.

Feb 14
Understanding Congregations: A Systems Perspective


This course is a five-week study on understanding the dynamics of congregations.  Using the text, The Hidden Lives of Congregations: Understanding Church Dynamics, by Israel Galindo, participants will gain insights into the dynamics that impact many facts of congregational...

Mar 07
The Life of Christ in Art and Poetry (online)


This five-week course presents the life of Christ in poetry and art. You are invited to read and reflect on contemporary poetic and visual interpretations of Gospel passages. Imaginative and artistic reflections will be encouraged.



Mar 21
Theological Reflection and Older Adult Ministry (online) (Older Adult Ministry Program Course)


This course will explore theological doctrines and concepts pertinent to older adult ministry. Using Scripture, movies, music, creeds, confessions and other resources, participants will explore how to facilitate theological reflection among older adults.

Apr 04
Prophetic, Imaginative Preaching for God’s Changing World (online)


Imagination—empowered by the Spirit—is the lifeblood of prophetic preaching. Drawing upon traditional and contemporary approaches to preaching, this course will lead students to innovate upon these approaches and to incorporate preaching styles across cultures in response to God’s changing...

Apr 07
Creation through a New Lens


Jim Dant leads this biblical study of the creation stories in Genesis 1 and 2, exploring several interpretive lenses to widen our view of these familiar stories.

Apr 24
Discernment in Spiritual Direction


This seminar explores the art and gift of Christian Discernment in the context of individual spiritual direction. This is the third residency for the Certificate in Spiritual Direction; enrollment is limited to those accepted into the program through application. Thank you for your interest.  

Apr 26
Baptism and Belonging; Creating, Being and Becoming Beloved Community (Thompson Scholars 2022)


This seminar is designed for clergy and other church leaders who preach and/or teach in a congregational setting, or who serve in other capacities and have an interest discipleship formation and evangelism and want to strengthen their understanding of...

May 02
Be Still and Know: A Contemplative Retreat


Carl McColman and Debra Weir guide this ecumenical retreat to invite stillness, rest, and prayer. The retreat is open to both men and women. No prior experience at a monastery or with contemplative prayer is necessary, simply a desire...

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