Functioning At Your Best as Leader

Functioning At Your Best as Leader

Someone once asked an imaginative question: “What if some day scientists discovered a differentiation gene?” It was a fun question to ponder, but, genes don’t work the way most of us imagine. Bowen’s Scale of Differentiation posits that one characteristic of the highly self-differentiated person is the capacity to separate thinking from feeling (e.g., choosing to act on principles rather than feelings), and, the ability to manage the togetherness-individuality reciprocity in personal and systemic relationships (e.g., not overfunctioning, avoiding enmeshment, avoiding groupthink, etc.).

Differentiation is a product of relationships in a system, the evidence of which is how one functions. If we were to go down the gene therapy route, or more specifically, the biological engineering route related to Bowen Systems Theory, then a more likely focus would be how to lower anxiety, and we already have medication for that. But differentiation is about functioning in relationships.


As I observe leaders who function at their best I’ve identify the following characteristics:


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Israel Galindo is Associate Dean for Lifelong Learning at the Columbia Theological Seminary. He directs the Pastoral Excellence Program at Columbia seminary. He is the author of the bestseller, The Hidden Lives of Congregations (Alban), Perspectives on Congregational Leadership (Educational Consultants), and A Family Genogram Workbook (Educational Consultants), with Elaine Boomer & Don Reagan, and Leadership in Ministry: Bowen Theory in the Congregational Context.

His books on Christian education include Mastering the Art of Instruction,The Craft of Christian Teaching (Judson), How to be the Best Christian Study Group Leader (Judson), and Planning for Christian Education Formation (Chalice Press).

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