Grounded in Gratitude: The Benefits of Spiritual Formation

Grounded in Gratitude: The Benefits of Spiritual Formation

When I was asked to share about gratitude this month, I instantly thought of my experience with the Certificate in the Spiritual Formation program.

I continue finding to this day (and most likely for the rest of my life) experiences, friendships, and paths to God for which I am grateful—all of which were a result of my time working in the Spiritual Formation program.

As I first began the Spiritual Formation program in 2008, I was in a dry and weary land.

I soon found myself immersed in God’s Word among God’s beloved community.

In that place, I was able to fully explore how God was speaking to and forming me.

I grew in confidence as to my ability to discern how God was moving in my life.

In fact, I was able to use the classes I took through the program to become a licensed minister within the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) where I worked to develop and lead a ministry to spiritually support caregivers.

I was even invited to teach a class at my church entitled “Spiritual Formation: Maturing From Milk to Meat” in which we began to explore the spiritual practices we need to become aware and stay aware, of God’s Presence and activity in our lives, and celebrate with joy the Presence of God within us and everyone around us.

From classes such as the Invitation to a Deeper Spiritual Life to one on Spiritual Leadership, from exploring Isaiah to delving into Forgiveness, I was drawn to all that God had been doing in my life to heal me, to prepare me for the work God would have me do in the world.


In addition to that, God saw fit to “embed” me within an elder law practice where I am able to provide comfort and a sense of God’s presence to my team members as well as to those clients we serve.

The Certificate in Spiritual Formation has given me the grounding to be more of what God has called me to be in the World.

If you are seeking a way of growing closer to God, learning to hear God more clearly, and finding a beloved community, this program can be the answer.


-Daphne C. Reiley

To learn more about the Spirituality Program at the Center for Lifelong Learning, click here.

Daphne Reiley is a woman of deep faith, a wife, a mother, a spiritual director, an author, a servant leader within her home congregation of First Christian Church of Decatur, Georgia (Disciples of Christ), and the Estate Planning Paralegal at The Estate & Asset Protection Law Firm in Decatur.

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