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For church professionals and lay people, The Center for Lifelong Learning provides non-degree courses and events – opportunities to learn with and from others for faithful discipleship. Led by top-notch faculty, our offerings are biblically and theologically grounded, with a practical focus to help participants identify and address specific, real-life needs. At the same time, we see lifelong learning as recreation – time to step out of life’s busy routines and experience renewal of mind, spirit, body, and emotion. We hope you will browse through our website to find out more about opportunities that are available for you.


And Jesus Wept: a good idea

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There is a very poignant moment in Scripture that gets little exegesis, it seems, but it touches the deepest nerve of a people in mourning for the loss of the character of their nation. Like our own. It is the picture in + Read More
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A Playful Perspective

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One of the ways we have been tending to our overall health and wellbeing over the last several months is by being more intentional about making space for play in our lives, which we confess is one of the first things we let go of when we are feeling anxious or pressured to be “productive.” For example, several... + Read More
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Keep your learners attention with these eight ways

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Much of what we do by way of teaching takes the form of classroom instruction. It’s a pedagogy that is highly dependent on teacher performance. So much so that we can identify around 49 specific instructional acts that are teacher-specific. The key to instructional effectiveness is knowing how to perform those acts... + Read More
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Upcoming journeying together courses

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Jan 04
Wisdom of the Christian Mystics (Online)


Mystics through the ages are remembered for their love of God and whole-hearted approach to living the Gospel in their daily lives. Our emphasis w...

Jan 04
The Role of the Minister in a Dying Congregation (Online)


This course will focus on helping clergy and laypersons explore the challenges of pastoral leadership in a dying congregation. Instructor Mandy Eg...

Jan 11
The Coaching Institute at Columbia Theological Seminary (TCI@CTS)


TCI@CTS is an application-based program that follows a rigorous, proven coaching program accredited by the International Coaching Federation. For complete information and a link to the application for...

Feb 15
Seeking God: An Invitation to A Deeper Spiritual Life (Online)


This four-week online retreat is for anyone seeking to cultivate a more meaningful life with God. It may also be helpful for those exploring new d...

Feb 20
The Sense of Wonder: An Online Day Retreat


Mark Burrows invites us to open to the sense of wonder as we explore the work of poets, theologians, mystics and artists bearing witness to the My...

Mar 22
The Disciple-Making Church: To Grow the Future We Visit the Past (Thompson Scholars 2021)


Now open for general registration instead of an application, the seminar will explore the concept of “the disciple-making church,” and what it...

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