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For church professionals and lay people, The Center for Lifelong Learning provides non-degree courses and events – opportunities to learn with and from others for faithful discipleship. Led by top-notch faculty, our offerings are biblically and theologically grounded, with a practical focus to help participants identify and address specific, real-life needs. At the same time, we see lifelong learning as recreation – time to step out of life’s busy routines and experience renewal of mind, spirit, body, and emotion. We hope you will browse through our website to find out more about opportunities that are available for you.


Resisting the Co-opting of MLK’s Legacy and Remembering Him as a Theologian

About Columbia
Martin Luther King Jr. is arguably the most celebrated non-elected citizen in the history of the United States of America. This is evidenced by the fact that Dr. King is the only American to have a federal holiday named in their honor without having served a day in public office. Yet, despite this high honor and the... + Read More
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Your Congregation Is Not Your Family

About Columbia
January 7, 2019—The fact is that, despite the warm metaphor we commonly use, a congregation is not a family. A congregation is a localized, institutionalized expression of a larger social system: the organized religious system.1 The relationship clergy have with their congregations often leads to seductive enmeshment—even... + Read More
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Effective Leaders Focus on Process

About Columbia
December 31, 2018—Effective congregational leaders know the difference between content and process—and they focus on process rather than content. Content has to do with what people say, while process has to do with how people function. Beliefs, doctrines, mission statements, organizational plans, and program agendas are... + Read More
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The Writer's Block Antidote...It's Not What You Think

About Columbia
When I first started writing fiction, I had a great idea for a story, and it felt like the whole story was alive in my imagination. Each time I tried to write the story down on paper, though, the excitement faded, and I struggled to get the words to come. One problem was the choice of perspective—was I writing from first... + Read More
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Apr 23
Tell Me Your Story and I'll Know Why I Should Come to Your Church (Thompson Scholars 2019)


This year's Thompson Scholars Program, features Ralph Watkins and Terence...

Apr 29
Writing Together in Creative Community: An Online Workshop


Online Course Writing Together in Creative Community is an invitation to find an online group of writers who will write and ...

May 12
Discerning Forgiveness


Certificate in Spiritual Formation Marjorie Thompson guides this class in a deep conversation exploring forgiveness in the Christian l...

Aug 01
Contemporary Readings in Christian Education: Children’s Faith Development


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