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For church professionals and lay people, The Center for Lifelong Learning provides non-degree courses and events – opportunities to learn with and from others for faithful discipleship. Led by top-notch faculty, our offerings are biblically and theologically grounded, with a practical focus to help participants identify and address specific, real-life needs. At the same time, we see lifelong learning as recreation – time to step out of life’s busy routines and experience renewal of mind, spirit, body, and emotion. We hope you will browse through our website to find out more about opportunities that are available for you.


Moms in Ministry: An Inside Look Into Motherhood, Part One

About Columbia
We know the numbers. We know the symptoms. What we don’t know are the endless stories tied to  the pandemic common thread. Where do our stories intersect? How are they similar? How are we coping? In honor of Women’s History, we asked four moms from the Columbia Theological Seminary Community, Felicia Thimas (FT), Amy Remaklus... + Read More
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The hardest lesson I’m grateful I learned: letting go 

About Columbia
The title “The hardest lesson I’m grateful I learned: letting go” is a bit of a misnomer. I am in a years-long process of learning to let go. As the... + Read More
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Losing a Job, Finding a Calling

About Columbia
“Do you think you can find a new job in six months?” asked the committee chairperson. I had just sat down on the parlor sofa for the annual personnel review, the one the senior pastor had always dismissed. But there he was too, at the other end of the sofa. Awkward silence.   This encounter was almost twenty years... + Read More
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Upcoming journeying together courses

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Apr 12
Leadership in Ministry: Kansas City


The Leadership in Ministry Workshop at Kansas City is a twice-a-year peer-based clergy leadership development progr...

Apr 19
Leadership in Ministry: Lynchburg, VA


The Leadership in Ministry Workshop at Lynchburg VA is a twice-a-year p...

Aug 30
Christian Education in the Smaller Church (online)



Sep 27
Wisdom and Wit of the Desert Fathers and Mothers (online)


Join Carl McColman for this four-week online course to read, and reflect on, the entertaining and insightful ancient stories of the spiritual sage...

Oct 04
12 Days to Becoming a Better Christian Teacher (online)


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