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For church professionals and lay people, The Center for Lifelong Learning provides non-degree courses and events – opportunities to learn with and from others for faithful discipleship. Led by top-notch seminary faculty, our offerings are biblically and theologically grounded, with a practical focus to help participants identify and address specific, real-life needs. At the same time, we see lifelong learning as recreation – time to step out of life’s busy routines and experience renewal of mind, spirit, body, and emotion. We hope you will browse through our website to find out more about opportunities that are available for you.


Be Virgil - A Coach as Companion on the Way

About Columbia
"Be Virgil," reads the Post-It on the windowsill in front of my desk, a reminder of the role I am to play when I meet with a coaching client.   I faced my biggest crisis in ministry within weeks of arriving at my first call. A difference of opinion about who would serve on the pastoral nominating... + Read More
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We're Wired for Story...What's Yours?

About Columbia
In times like these, you need a story.  “A story?” you ask. “A story? Why?” Why? Because we are wired for story. We are streaming stories every day on Hulu, Netflix and YouTube. When it comes to church, what is our story? What story are we telling? What are we streaming?  Are we streaming sermons and our weekly Bible... + Read More
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How to Welcome Our Transgender and Non-Binary Neighbors in the Church

About Columbia
Rev. Linda Herzer and Gabrielle Claiborne will teach the course “Welcoming Our Transgender and Non-Binary Neighbors” in January of 2019. They are the co-founders of Transformation Journeys Worldwide, a transgender-focused diversity training and consulting firm. We interviewed Rev. Linda and Gabrielle below about their work, and... + Read More
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How Community Can Help You Move Through Pain and Experience Spiritual Awakening

About Columbia

It is no accident that the people most likely to be eager for a personal experience of God in their lives are those who have been forced to discover, often at considerable pain, that they are not in control. Such people have been through tragedy, their lives have been torn apart by... + Read More
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Upcoming journeying together courses

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Jan 14
The Coaching Institute at the Columbia Theological Seminary (TCI@CTS)


This is an application-based limited enrollment opportunity that leads to the completion of rigorous, proven coaching program accredited by the International Coaching Federation. For information about...

Feb 04
Creation and Connection: An Introduction to Celtic Christian Spirituality


Online Course/ Certificate in Spiritual Formation Join Art Wright for this class exploring the rich traditions of Celtic Christian spi...

Feb 14
Invitation to a Deeper Spiritual Life


This is the Spirituality Program’s foundational retreat, introducing participants to classic Christian spiritual practices and understandings. T...

Mar 11
Leadership in Ministry Kansas City Session I


The Leadership in Ministry Workshops are an on-going twice-a-year peer-based clergy leadership development program a...

Mar 11
The Process of Aging and Implications for Ministry


Older Adult Ministry Certificate Course Aging is associated with many changes in physical and mental health. This course will explore ...

Mar 13
Teaching for Transformation with Older Adults


Older Adult Ministry Course Teaching and learning methods that enhance engagement in, and ownership of, the learning process are as important for older adults as they are for all ages.

Apr 23
Tell Me Your Story and I'll Know Why I Should Come to Your Church (Thompson Scholars 2019)


Applications are due by Dec. 15, 2018 for this year's Th...

Apr 29
Writing Together in Creative Community: An Online Workshop


Online Course Writing Together in Creative Community is an invitation to find an online group of writers who will write and ...

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