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For church professionals and lay people, The Center for Lifelong Learning provides non-degree courses and events – opportunities to learn with and from others for faithful discipleship. Led by top-notch faculty, our offerings are biblically and theologically grounded, with a practical focus to help participants identify and address specific, real-life needs. At the same time, we see lifelong learning as recreation – time to step out of life’s busy routines and experience renewal of mind, spirit, body, and emotion. We hope you will browse through our website to find out more about opportunities that are available for you.


Help students understand the "point" you're making with this

About Columbia
How do you help students to get the point you’re trying to teach?
More often than not, most of us try the direct approach: “Just tell them!”
But a paradox in learning is that often students do not learn what they are told as well as when they... + Read More
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Stress and Anxiety in the Church

About Columbia
Managing Stress and Anxiety in the Church Stress and anxiety have never been higher – in our country, in our families and in our churches. There is always stress in our lives and churches, but today’s environment makes soaring anxiety difficult to manage. There's polarization everywhere and people take... + Read More
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Coaching:  We’ve Come a Long Way From Kansas, Dorothy 

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The Wizard of Oz is one of the most-watched movies of all time, actually in the top three according to some rating agencies+ Read More
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Upcoming journeying together courses

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Nov 09
Leadership in Ministry: Atlanta



Jan 04
Wisdom of the Christian Mystics (Online)


Mystics through the ages are remembered for their love of God and whole-hearted approach to living the Gospel in their daily lives. Our emphasis w...

Jan 04
The Role of the Minister in a Dying Congregation (Online)


This course will focus on helping clergy and laypersons explore the challenges of pastoral leadership in a dying congregation. Instructor Mandy Eg...

Feb 01
Stand-Up Preaching: What Comedians Can Teach Us About Sermonic Craft ONLINE


This online course will explore the essential aspects of effective preaching through critical engagement with stand-up comedy. Together we examine...

Feb 15
Seeking God: An Invitation to A Deeper Spiritual Life (Online)


This four-week online retreat is for anyone seeking to cultivate a more meaningful life with God. It may also be helpful for those exploring new d...

Feb 20
The Sense of Wonder: An Online Day Retreat


Mark Burrows invites us to open to the sense of wonder as we explore the work of poets, theologians, mystics and artists bearing witness to the My...

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