Just Worship: The Symbolism Behind Worship for All

Just Worship: The Symbolism Behind Worship for All

This post describes the backstory behind the Just Worship imagery by it’s logo creator, Lauren Wright Pittman.




For me, the heart of Just Worship, a conference catered towards a faithful and vibrant future of worship, is a thriving, mutual, symbiotic relationship between worship and justice, and maybe more tangibly, the relationship between liturgist and activist.


It was at the intersection of worship and justice that I began my work on the logo, through research, ideation, and rough sketching.


Almost instantly, my mind became focused on the simplistic, elemental nature of the sacraments.


I began to think about the energy that is required to do the work of justice, and how worship should fuel us for that work.


What surfaced for me during this brainstorming was the image of a chalice.


I thought about this filling up and emptying that takes place over and over again in our minds, bodies, and spirits in order to take care of ourselves and to be equipped to go out into the world to serve.


So, I began drawing a chalice filled to overflowing, causing a wave, causing a movement.


The energy of the over flowing made me think also of the waters of baptism, and the waters of justice rolling down.


My attention then shifted to consider imagery for justice and the role of activist.


Activists MOVE.

They put their body on the line in order to see justice materialize. I thought about the body, the feet that carry a heavy load and the hands that create… and all of a sudden the image of a raised fist flashed in my mind.


The raised fist is a widely known symbol for solidarity and for liberty and justice.


It has been used throughout history to image a rising up of people to demand change.


I’ve seen it more and more as of late as people have poured into the streets demanding justice for people of color, for the poor, for women, for the immigrant, for children, the list goes on.


I realized in drawing a raised fist, that the shape mimics the shape of the chalice, a shape I had considered initially, and with that realization, I decided to overlay those shapes to create a raised fist / chalice / font that is overflowing.

This inspiring, collaborative, creative process began when my former Theology professor, Martha Moore Keish reached out to me to share about a worship conference that was in the works.


She sent me notes from the committee’s visioning and their hopes for the the conference and invited me to create a logo that expresses the heart of the conference with vibrancy, boldness, and energy.


I wasn’t sure if the imagery would come across, but with some tweaking and playing around with the color scheme, I believe the image came together quite well.


-Lauren Wright Pittman


Early registration for the Just Worship Conference ends Monday August 13 for $175. To register for the event today, click HERE. 


Lauren is an artist, graphic designer, and theologian. She studied Media Design at Middle Tennessee State University, worked as a wetlands advocate in Southern Louisiana, and attended Columbia Theological Seminary to piece together her passions for artistic expression, design, and Creation Care. To learn more about Laura and do view her other work, visit www.lewpstudio.com or simply click HERE.

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