Learning Together Apart: The Case for Online Learning

Learning Together Apart: The Case for Online Learning

May 4, 2017—The Center for Lifelong Learning offers a wide array of online classes to nourish and enrich the lives and ministries people around the world, and the Spirituality Program offers several of these classes. Offered in an asynchronous learning model, these classes allow participants to read and respond to questions and prompts posed by the instructor within a weekly timeframe, but on their own time. This format is flexible to meet the myriad needs of the participants. Gifts of online learning include engaging dialogue with diverse groups of people and experienced instructors; quality learning at an affordable cost; ability to participate from anywhere with internet access. Our classes have enjoyed participants in Canada and Australia as well as most parts of the US.

Curious?  Here are what some of our students say about their online learning experiences.

I registered for an online class for many reasons, but I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did. I knew I would miss the face to face interaction with others, the small groups, the shared meals but I found the online format to be rich in different ways. The online format allowed more time for reflection since it lasts over a longer time and moves at a measured pace. That in turn allowed me to respond more fully, when in a traditional setting the opportunity to respond is sometimes fleeting. The discussion questions prompted me to dig a little deeper into both the material and myself.  –Nancy Arico, NJ

I have so enjoyed the online CTS classes. I have just completed my second class. The classes provide a great opportunity to meet folks from around the world.  The forum is set up so that even an introvert can get things said without a lot of stress. And since I currently live in New York the online classes provide a cost-effective way for me to continue my class work. I am so grateful that CTS offers online classes.  -Carole Collins, NY

You may think that you can get all you need from simply reading the course books and then writing a paper. The CTS on-line courses offer much more than that. While you can’t replicate the in-residence course, this option does a commendable job of providing an alternative. The interaction with others on your small group discussion board and the ability to have one-on-one discussion time with the Instructor add a lot to the learning experience. The option of weekly worship where the class shares prayers and thoughts are not like gathering in the chapel, but I have found them to be helpful. -Michael Moore, CO

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