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Online Research:  

The library provides a unique catalog for alumni!   It is called re:source.  re:source includes: eBooks, articles (ATLAS for Alums, JSTOR, etc.), online resources, and, of course, print books!

ATLAS for Alums includes journal articles from major theological journals.

Unsure of which to use or how? Contact Erica Durham for access and more information.

Want to maximize your search experience?  Click here for a brief tutorial.

Check-out Privileges:

The library provides alumni lifetime check out privileges for the main library collections. Alumni can check out up to 6 items for 28 days. The library will mail physical resources to alumni for free. Alumni are expected to send the items back on or before the due date. Graduates are automatically switched to the alumni patron category.

Find a photo of a CTS graduate:

Class composite photos are available online through the C. Benton Kline, Jr. Special Collections and Archives. To see the collection, visit the archives Digital Collections.