Presbyterian Women Histories

Information about the Presbyterian Women Histories from their local churches (PC(USA) and PCUS) at Columbia Theological Seminary.


Q. I need information about submitting my church history/PW history (mailing address, format, type of paper, etc.). Where can I get that information?

A. Click HERE for a fact sheet about the histories (including a description of the types of paper that are acceptable), and here for a separate document about types of materials to use.

Q. Which local church histories are at Columbia?

A. Columbia Seminary received all of the local church histories (often referred to as “the notebooks”) that were at Montreat, for all regions of the United States. The collection occupies eight library shelving ranges and continues to grow, thanks to the steady support and participation of hundreds of Presbyterian Women’s groups and their congregations.

Q. How can people get access to the local church histories?

A. The histories are available for onsite use and, in some situations, our staff can respond to questions by mail or by e-mail. The histories are presently maintained in their original, paper format only. They are not available online or by e-mail.

Q. Is a list available of all of the churches represented in the local church history collection?

A. As of April, 2011, the list of congregations represented in the church history collection is integrated into our archives online catalog, accessible here. To see the entire collection, select “Core Collections” from the catalog search page and then select “Presbyterian Women History collection.” The histories are divided into series by state, and are listed alphabetically within each state. You can also search for individual congregations by the quick search or advanced search options. The complete list includes the names of over 5,800 congregations. Congregations that have merged, split, or changed names may be listed under one or all of the past and current names.

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