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Procedures for Using Special Collections and Archives Materials

All policies that govern use of library materials and appropriate personal behavior at the John Bulow Campbell Library apply to Special Collections and Archives (hereafter, SCA). There are the following additional procedures for SCA:

  1. All users must register and include at least one form of contact and city and state of residence.
  2. Notes may be taken with pencil or personal computers. No pens, highlighters, scanners, etc. may be used.
  3. SCA materials must be used at designated tables under supervision of SCA staff.
  4. All personal belongings must be placed in lockers provided. Any items kept with the researcher while using SCA materials are subject to examination upon exiting.
  5. Gloves (provided by SCA staff) may be required when using certain materials such as photographs, rare books, and artifacts.
  6. Keep documents flat on the table. Do not place ANYTHING (e.g., arms, elbows, laptops, note cards, etc.) on top of materials. Never take notes on paper placed on top of SCA materials.
  7. The existing arrangement of unbound materials must be preserved at all times. If you find materials you believe to be out of order, please advise SCA staff. Do not rearrange the contents yourself.
  8. Under no circumstances is writing on or erasing of SCA materials allowed. If you think that information in or about documents is incorrect, bring it to the attention of the SCA staff.
  9. Only one folder may be removed from a box at a time. Materials may not be removed from the folder.
  10. For photocopies, please take the entire folder to the SCA staff. Please note that copying may be prohibited due to donor restrictions, copyright law, or condition of the item.