Certificate in Spiritual Formation

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For more than 20 years, Columbia Theological Seminary and Pittsburgh Theological Seminary have partnered to offer courses leading to the Certificate in Spiritual Formation (CSF), a journey through which modern-day, world-weary pilgrims may quench their spiritual thirst.

Participants in the spiritual formation certificate program will gain a broad understanding of the Christian spiritual tradition and the various practices which have emerged from it.  They will learn spiritual practices and develop skills for helping others in their growth.  Persons in this course of study will discover the relationship of Christian Spirituality to compassion, justice and effective ministry.


CSF Spiral workpageA Statement of Intent is required by participants wishing to complete the Certificate in Spiritual Formation. The program is designed to be completed in three to five years. Program components include the following:


*The Immersion Experience should be taken at your “home” institution, either Columbia or Pittsburgh. Two elective courses will transfer between partner institutions.


More information is available in the CSF Participant Handbook here.

Course for the Certificate in Spiritual Formation

The Spirituality Program at Columbia Theological Seminary offers a robust array of CSF courses and pilgrimages.

Additional courses may be found at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary’s Spirituality Program

Note: Columbia Seminary also offers a Doctor of Ministry with an emphasis in Christian Spirituality. The program is open to pastors of any denomination who have completed the MDiv degree or its equivalent and who meet other requirements of admission.