Healthy Transitions Retreats for Clergy and Spouses


The Healthy Transitions Wellness Retreats for Ministers and Spouses provide a relaxed atmosphere and confidential setting for healing and encouragement to ministers and their families who have experienced termination, or for those in conflicts possibly leading to termination. Through the competent leadership of the retreat team, the journey toward wholeness and health may be pursued through counsel, helpful information, experiential sharing, and rest, which speak to the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of the participants.

The intense four-day retreat combines three ingredients:



July 1, 2022 at Samford University in Birmingham, AL and October 24-27, 2022 at Eagle Eyrie Retreat Center in Lynchburg, VA.-


The cost is $100 per person, or $150 per couple, a non-refundable fee due with registration. This fee includes housing and meals. Participants are responsible for their transportation to and from the retreat site. Aid is available for transportation upon request.


Our Ministering to Ministers program seeks to serve as advocates for clergy and their families in all faith groups and offer guidance to the churches they serve, that they might enjoy healthy relationships and years of productive service.

Many of those participate in this experience, in the midst of crisis, are enabled to resolve situations and either stay in their ministry position or make a healthier transition to their next ministry position. Wounded and burned-out ministers are renewed for greater effectiveness, joy in ministry, and resilience when the going gets tough. A minister and spouse shared “what could have been a terrible ordeal for our family became something that will serve as a springboard for further ministry, During the retreat we found a light at the end of a dark tunnel and a road map to wellness that has enabled us to thrive in adverse conditions.”

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“I felt so loved and affirmed during the week. The interaction with others who have gone through the same thing was invaluable. This has been a life changing experience for me. Thank you so very much.”

“Thank you for your vision and deep concern for everyone in ministry. I truly believe that we are on the road to healing and ready for the next place of service.”

“We came wounded and hurting from experiences in ministry. So it was wonderfully refreshing to be treated with such hospitality. I can’t get over the fact that people have given so generously that we all could experience this without it being a financial burden to us. It would have been very difficult for us to have been able to afford the cost of the retreat at this time.”

For additional information or further questions, please email us at or Dr. Israel Galindo.