Van Dyk Voices for Vision Fund

The Leanne Van Dyk Voices for Vision Fund

“The Columbia Conferences bring together both people with familiar voices and people with fresh voices, joined together in common faith in Jesus Christ. The conversations that result deepen faith, motivate witness, and inform service, all to the glory of God.”
Dr. Leanne Van Dyk

The purpose of the Columbia Conferences is to convene and host deep conversations about pressing, complex issues in God’s world that wise Christians must face with vision. Columbia Seminary’s rich academic resources, innovative programs, and its witness to God’s reconciling love, compel it to engage in dialogue that welcomes diverse voices – voices of artists, scientists, educators, business and legal experts, policymakers, voices from the church, other faith traditions, and those from outside the traditional centers of influence.

In honor of President Van Dyk’s retirement, we seek to create an endowment that will provide a secure, predictable fiscal foundation alleviates funding uncertainties for generations to come. This financial footing will enable and promote taking the Conferences to higher levels and farther reaches of impact and recognition. It will underwrite new forms of resources for churches, pastors, alumni, scholars and the public square, extending far beyond the Conference events.