About Migration and Border Crossings Conference


FEBRUARY 7-9, 2019

Program Fee: $175 prior to 11/30/18; $200 after 11/30/18 (includes breakfasts, lunches, and coffee breaks). Limited spots available to students at $50.

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Principal Organizers

Raj Nadella, Assistant Professor of New Testament, Columbia Theological Seminary
Silas Allard, Managing Director, Center for the Study of Law and Religion, Emory University


We have observed that the issue of immigration gained prominence in the lead up to the 2016 presidential election and has become much more significant in the last two years. Although the issue is widely discussed in legal, political, and ecclesial circles, such conversations occur mostly in a piece­meal fashion. There have been few attempts to address various aspects of immigration-historical, political, religious, racial/ethnic, and theological/ethical-in a coherent and substantial manner. Many scholars and faith communities across the United States have been attempting to address this issue that is affecting their communities, but they lack substantial resources to facilitate constructive conversations and take steps towards participatory praxis.

In light of this broader context, we are organizing the conference with three goals in mind:

1) To bring together leading scholars from various disciplines and religious backgrounds, as well as high-profile policy makers and ecclesial leaders, to explicate political, theological/ethical, and religious issues pertaining to immigration and border-crossings.

2) To offer quality and substantial resources that faith communities can draw upon as they seek to engage these issues faithfully-on both intellectual and practical levels. These resources would include curriculum-related material and possibly lectures and presentations posted on YouTube.

3) To suggest to faith communities concrete ways for participatory praxis at local and national levels.


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