Support Students

Columbia Seminary is a place of learning and formation, a place where students are nurtured, deeply challenged and inspired to answer their call to ministry. We want them to be able to focus on their studies, and not on financial concerns.

A new semester is underway with 54 new students on campus. These students come from ten states and eight countries. We welcomed students from as close as Atlanta and as far away as Ghana, India and Vietnam.

You have an opportunity to support the formation of these men and women who will soon join our alumnae already in Christian ministry as imaginative and resilient leaders for God’s changing world.

Erin Rugh is a first-year student from Ohio and a lifelong Presbyterian. She studied business in college, rather than acting on an earlier call to youth ministry. This felt safe, considering her worries about the cost of seminary.  But over a recent Seminary Weekend, Erin’s call was reawakened. When she received the news from Columbia about financial support, she recalls:

“I felt a deep sense, for the first time, of my clear next step in a life devoted to using my gifts to serve God.”

 Dahl Moss, an MDiv student in his second year, was raised in a non-denominational church in southern Georgia. He shares,

“When I get closer to the seminary, I notice a wonderful feeling comes over me…I can say I gain energy, vigor, and confidence in the work God has called me to do. I know this experience at Columbia is all because of God’s purpose and timing.”

To follow the Spirit’s call to Columbia, Dahl has made many sacrifices. Not only has he left the financial security of his small business but he spends four hours a day commuting to and from Decatur, away from his wife and two children.

Here’s more from Erin and Dahl:

Your generosity makes Columbia possible for Erin, Dahl and many other students who could not be here without the financial support provided by donors like you. 

Please, make a gift today to support Columbia Seminary and the spiritual leaders of tomorrow.