President Leanne Van Dyk Responds to Recent Acts of Violence

President Leanne Van Dyk Responds to Recent Acts of Violence

Dear Friends of Columbia Theological Seminary,

Our common life together at Columbia Seminary is shaped by deep values rooted in our Christian commitments. These values include hospitality, justice, kindness, mercy, love, and care for others. We are grieved here on campus because of the horrifying events of these past weeks. Those events include pipe bombs mailed to persons as a political attack, African American citizens targeted and gunned down in a store, the murder of eleven Jewish worshippers in Pittsburgh, and hateful rhetoric about immigrants. Everything in us recoils from these actions and attitudes. Everything in us mourns for those wounded, killed, assaulted, and threatened. Everything in us resolves to stand up for the values we hold and to protect those who are vulnerable.

It seems that we live in times that require the very best from us. We commit ourselves to participate in God’s grand plan for the healing of the nations. Columbia Seminary is alert, dedicated, and determined to be faithful in these difficult days.

Blessings to you all,

Leanne Van Dyk, President

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