Henri Nouwen and Fun

Henri Nouwen and Fun

Prolific spiritual author Henri Nouwen often reads sad, lonely, and anguished. But that belies the fact that, in real life, he was also a lot of fun.


When I tell personal stories about him or show videotapes of his…

“Quick, Chris! Take a picture!” Henri gleefully asked.

Spiritual Friendship and Formation: Spirituality Courses and Programs at CTS

Feed your desire to deepen your relationship with God as you learn to assist others on their faith journey. 

In these extraordinary times, discovering a deeper relationship with God may seem more pressing than ever before.

The Spirituality Program at…

Can the Wisdom of the Past Speak to the Challenges of Today?

A lot of people are saying it: 2020 is turning out to be a doozy of a year.


Between the COVID-19 pandemic, our ongoing national conversation about racism and justice, concerns about restoring our economy in the wake of…

Try Centering Prayer: Change. Anxiety. Fear… Freedom. Healing. Wholeness

I invite you to pause, just for a moment, pause.

Slowly, inhale a deep, full breath. Slowly, let it out.

Try it again. Close your eyes if you’d like. Slowly take a deep breath in, breathing in the love and…

Imagination and Resilience: Your Keys to Success in Unusual Times

With such devastating pandemic news looming over our heads each day, how do we find ways to illuminate the shadow in the world’s mind? To regain, hold onto or spark a sliver of hope and resilience in these unusual times?

For the Bookshelf: On Prayer—Conversation with God

December 24, 2018—John Calvin was the great Protestant reformer from France, who ultimately pastored the church in Geneva. During his Christian journey and ministry as a reformed pastor, he wrote and frequently revised the classical work of theology, Institutes of…

For the bookshelf seeds for the future by Adam Tyler

For the Bookshelf: The Complete Fenelon

December 10, 2018—Francois Fenelon was born in France in 1651. Fenelon pursued a career in the church. He completed his doctorate and was ordained at the age of twenty-six. He began preaching and writing. Fenelon became influential as a tutor…

For the bookshelf seeds for the future by Adam Tyler

Sacred Creation: The Celtic Way of Christian Spirituality

Christianity first reached the Celtic people of Ireland and Britain as early as the second century C.E. and began to blossom by the fifth century.

This encounter between the Christian religion and Celtic tradition engendered a deep and distinctive spirituality…

Jessica Brown: Celtic Christianity and the gift of thresholds

This post on Celtic Christianity originally appeared in Faith & Leadership.


As humans we all encounter times in our lives that the mark the beginning or ending of something, new experiences or times of reflection. In Celtic Christianity,…

For the Bookshelf: The Scale of Perfection

July 16, 2018—Walter Hilton was born in 1343 and studied church law at Cambridge. At about the age of forty-three, after spending some period of time as a hermit, he began to lead a semi-monastic life with other priests in…

For the bookshelf seeds for the future by Adam Tyler

For the Bookshelf: Revelations of Divine Love

June 4, 2018—The first confirmed English woman writer was Julian of Norwich. At the age of thirty years, Julian experienced a series of revelations or showings which manifested themselves in her senses, in her mind, and through insights exceeding her…

For the bookshelf seeds for the future by Adam Tyler

Learning to Love the “Habit” of Prayer

May 31, 2018—We human beings are creatures of habit.

We brush our teeth in the same direction, we take the same route to work, we fold our clothes or make our beds in pretty much the same manner day after…

“How do I make sense of the way God engages with me?”

April 26, 2018—”It’s invaluable. It’s scary. It’s joyful. But all-in-all, it brings you closer to God.”

Spiritual Direction, often called spiritual companioning or spiritual friendship, is an intentional relationship between a person seeking spiritual guidance and a trained individual (the spiritual director). The Certificate…

On Demanding a Surrendered Life

April 5, 2018—My book, Blessed at the Broken Places: Reclaiming Faith and Purpose with the Beatitudes, shows how the Beatitudes of Jesus validate the faith of people in emotional pain. It addresses people whose suffering arises from normal losses and…

God Listening Within Me? Really?

March 1, 2018—Of the many extraordinary poems included in Rilke’s Prayers of a Young Poet, this one—listed as no. 18 in the collection—is a good place to begin. And this is as true for those who may know little or…